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Don't care. Worn mine for years and will continue to wear them for years.
its not high - its a "tad" high, inline with the casualising and modern aesthetics of the overall length and shoulder build.the havana SC cloth comes in all weights, patterns, and materials... as do the suits.
i buy the havana as sports coats because the (tad) higher button and shorter length works fine in casual situations - with jeans and chinos.(for suits the lazio has similar overall fitting and perhaps a touch lower buttoning; same for la spalla)
been a while since i checked back on this board. doing spring cleaning. suit still there - dropped to 400$ USD.
Driving is not terribly far but could be heavily, heavily trafficked. The RER goes through some sketchy parts. I've witnessed a lot of theft on that airport line more than once. The bus is not a bad option either.
im between these 3 (liking the earthy greens, olives, and browns). ghurka too small. and a little too flashy and fussy. tumi a tad too small. might go for kill spencer. perfect volume (37L), just enough interior and exterior pockets. its similar to...
i thought Simon's presence and spiel here alone serves as deterrent for prospective customers. he writes like a used car salesman.
was the cuff flared out? button looked like they lined diagonally
whats up with the sleeve buttons?
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