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According to the NYC store it will be first week in Jan. Not sure if thats for the website too, but I wouldn't expect the site to go on sale before in store.
This does not seem to be the case. I've been ordering and wearing Everlane T's often for about a year and a half, and the Large has been the perfect t for me. I ordered more shirts in the end of September and the length seems to be significantly longer. I measured 2.75 inches longer on the new shirt.Has anybody else received the new fit and experienced the same thing?
I've got a pair of PS that I've been wearing often for a year+. When I purchased them I hemmed them so there is just one break (I typically like one or no break in my jeans). They've got nice honeycombs and significant fading, especially around the pockets where I carry my phone and wallet. I now want them to be more tapered from the thigh all the way down to the hem at the bottom. I'm worried that the fades and honeycombs are going to end up in strange locations that...
I saw these at the slp store and was really wondering who will purchase these. It's too bad Studio 54 closed, these would have been perfect.
I emailed them about this hoping that they would change the fit based on the feedback from the first release. From what I was told the fit will be the same on the next production run, and they are expecting to have inventory end of July. Maybe we will see some inventory sooner due to returns, but it's certainly not something to count on.
I too am disappointed with the fit of the U necks, I knew they would be more "relaxed" than the crew necks, but these just don't lay well, especially towards the bottom as everybody else is mentioning. They do feel like a female fit. Its also not awesome that I am being charged a restocking fee for products that were ordered on the first day of release. I'm hoping that I can exchange for a smaller size to see how they fit, but it looks like they are already out of stock...
I can't help with the shoes, but any idea what pants these are? Or, anybody know where this pic came from?
Any more info on these robert geller x cp's? i'd be interested to see these in white too.
Any word on re-stocking dusk pocket t's or are they done forever?
I'm don't want to get your hopes up too high, but I remember seeing some stuff along these lines at the APC sale store on west 4th st in Manhattan. Frankly I don't know if it was this exact jacket. It's probably worth giving them a call. Good luck.
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