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Posts by bpo26c I bought these on Ebay, but were not a good fit for me. They are great jeans and certainly well-made. They are available for $70 (includes shipping). Retail $200+ If you are interested, please send me a msg to bpo26c (at)
To answer a couple questions: I have not hemmed the jeans. They are the original length (36 inseam or so). I typically wear a 33 inch waist in most jeans (although most 33inch waist = 34 actual waist). Send me e-mail directly with questions or to purchase. bpo26c (at)
Yes - still available. Did not check my PM, but I will now. Here are some picks:
For Sale: APC Rescues size 31 -- worn about 5 times, never washed. Jeans were too big for me. Bought from Denim Bar for $112 (style forum discount!). $60 + $5 (shipping) send e-mail to bpo26c (at) I can e-mail pictures also.
APC Rescue Size 31 (fits more like a 34.5) . . Just too big for me. I have worn 5 or so times and they have not been washed. Bought via the denim bar about one month ago. . First $75 (includes free shipping). send e-mail to bpo26c (at)
I will pay shipping and additional fee if someone can pick me up a pair in size 33. Send me a PM or e-mail (bpo26c @ hotmail . com) many thanks..
I am bidding on a pair on E-bay right now and they said that the waist measurement was as listed. Is the inseam approximately ~33? What is the price at the Barney's outlet?
i am interested, but please remeasure the waist first. i don't think that it is 35 - 36 inches...
I just ordered some land's end shirts that are "tailored", not incredibly slim, but much better than the otr items i would get at most stores. i am thinking that the shirts might not be long enough, should the bottom button with the horizontal hole with different colored stiching be exposed? Thanks
Fo Sale: Full bottle of Terre D'Hermes 3.4 oz. It was a blind buy based on Bassnotes, but I did not like it. I tried it three times and I never came around. Price = $30 (+4 Shipping) Brooks Brothers Tan/Khaki Suit 42 Long Pants 34.5 waist I purchased this suit three years ago for a wedding and have only worn it once. The approximate cost was $300 or so. It is two button with pleated and cuffed pants. Here is a picture of the current model offered by BB: ...
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