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still in for 60ml with increased prices per my pm.
I am looking for some recommendations of websites to buy several photos to have framed for wall art. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thus far I have looked at Etsy. Thank you!
I am flexible on prices, so send offers..
Two items for sale: J. Crew black wing tips in size 10.5. I purchased these approximately one year ago ($168) and have never worn them. Made in Italy with rubber soles. I am not sure if they are exactly the same as the current model that J. Crew is offering, but I thought I would include a link: http:// Price = $70 and includes shipping. Earnest Sewn Hutch Jeans Size 33 *new w/ no tags* I purchased about a year ago...
I am loaded with raw denim, but looking for something pre-washed, slim with slightly tapered leg. I have a couple pairs of earnest sewn's that are good, but trying to expand the wardrobe. Preferably no designs on the back pocket and I am trying to keep the cost < $100. Thanks for any input and this message board has been a great resource.
Shoes sold, thanks SF!
Here is a link to pictures on photobucket:
I cleaned out the closet today and found a few items that have never been worn. (1) Cole Haan Cap Toe shoes in Burgandy size 10.5 D (retail ~$150) Price = $45, shipping = $10 (2) Earnest Sewn jeans size 33 in Hutch Boot Cut, Milk Blue 3D (retail ~$200) Price = $50, shipping = $7 Don't send PM, send e-mail to bpo26c (at) . . Best offers accepted if asking price is not met. thanks!
All measurements in inches: Waist = 17 across (laying flat with waistbands touching), 34 inches around Hem = 9 Knee = between 9 1/4 and 9 1/2 Inseam = 32 1/2
For sale are a new pair of Ralph Lauren Polo RRL jeans in size 33 x 32 that I purchased on Ebay. They were not quite a perfect fit for me. They are great jeans and inseam is probably a little closer to 33 (than at 32. I am attaching the ebay link with photos from the original auction. If you are interested, please send an e-mail to bpo26c (@) Price = $60 + $5 for shipping. Thanks in...
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