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25 years is a good run IMO. Time to find a new favorite.
What is the make of the suit? Sometimes it's best to take it to the store you bought it from or sells exclusively the same brand. I bought a Hugo Boss that was tight in the seatpant and Nordstroms didn't want to touch it. I took it to the HB store in Fashion Valley, San Diego and they did the alterations perfectly.
The jacket looks fine. The pants need to be taken up. There should be a clean line down the back to the heel with a clean break in front.
I'm more of a polarized glass lense Ray-Ban guy.
You live in san francisco right? Just shop! Go try on a $2000 suit if you want to! You're on a mission, find a suit that fits you and looks good in your budget. Don't limit yourself to any one store. You'd be surprised at what you can find when you explore. I found a great michael kors suit at mens wearhouse that I love for $499 and got a Super 120's Pronto Uomo suit for free. On the way back from Vegas I stopped at the Hugo Boss factory outlet and found a slate blue...
I'm 150lbs and 5'9" myself and I do not have any problem finding suits in my size of 38R. You just need to try harder and broaden your selection of stores. At $200, quality is thrown out the window. Worry about size and fit. If you're really worried about quality then save your money and keep looking for a nice suit around $500.
I know this is out of place in SF but why not try and hit up a department store? Usually you can get a suit easily for under $200 and alot of the time they can get all kinds of sizes in a particular pattern or color. They're only going to be wearing the suits once so why not?
Was there anyone there to assist you in taking pictures? The way you have your arm position makes it difficult to make a good judgement call.
Make it somewhere to be, a destination. Too many shops are run and gun. Also make sure your staff are friendly and inviting. Nothing is worse than walking into a store and being greeted coldly.
That outfit looks all sorts of wrong. Why is there so much material bunched up in the legs? Even without a belt the waist of the trouser should fit just above the hips without falling. The fabric should also flow clean down to the feet. Have someone take some measurements. Maybe slim fit is not what you need in a 36R.
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