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Up for sale is my Gant Rugger Bonded Poplin Parka. Purchased after reading people in the Epaulet thread rave about it (I believe it was Mike, but can't recall for certain). Great spring/summerweight rain jacket with a little bit of weight to it. It fits a bit short for me, I am 6'3", I would suggest it for someone who is 6'2" or shorter (or has a shorter torso). I wore it a good deal, price reflects that, but it has a ton of life left. Always wanted it to be a bit...
Up for sale is one W&H large loop terry sweatshirt, size XL. Worn once, already have a grey sweatshirt, so letting this one go in effort to streamline closet.
Question for you guys - what is your favorite piece you have ever purchased from Epaulet? I would love to hear about it. No cheating and saying 10 things and what you like about them, just pick one, and explain why! I know it's difficult, as there is so much kick-ass stuff, just wondering what your all-time favorite is, and if anything rises to the top as the favorite for multiple peeps. I'll start it off. I love my green ripstop rivet chinos. The fit on them is...
Selling a pair of OL cords, mossy green color, worn once or twice, size 52, fits like 34. Similar to EG workaday cords. Waist measures a true 36" laid flat.
Sorry, missed that! Color Natural and size XL.
Spaced putting size, is 11D. Thanks for heads-up!
lightweight hoody, really light blue. Size XL. drop. Great shape, worn a handful of times.
Price includes shipping in the US. Some wear, prob wore 10 times overall. Very conservative estimate of 8/10 overall, some nicks in leather, some wear on sole. price drop!
Price includes shipping in the US. Worn once, washed. PIcs and a description here: http://www.llbean.com/llbeansignature/llb/shop/65090?pi=1103932&subrnd=1&bv=product-_-1138-_-RLP-_-IG107911-_-productname_link&qs=3000086
These are from F/W 09. They have been worn once or twice. I think they fit slimmer than 36, much like EG workaday cord sizing, more like a 34 for a normal/loose fit. You can see more pics and a writeup over on Inventory. http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/2009/9/24/woolrich-woolen-mills-plaid-lined-field-pants.html It's the tan pair. Great pants, just fit a bit too tight on me.
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