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Just got my order that I placed on Wed night, lightning fast shipping. +J duffle coat is awesome, so glad I decided to get. Just a great winter coat for 80.
shameless plug, but i have a couple of tokito jackets for sale (or interest checks really, there is a jacket i have my eye on which i'll get if i can sell one of these). links in my signature.
Kind of an interest check, have an eye on a jacket that is on sale right now, if I can raise the funds like this i will pull trigger, otherwise i'll just keep this. Great jacket. Worn a bit, no real signs of it. Fits like a slim XL, good for 42/44 suit size I'd imagine. big drop.
This is kind of an interest check, thinking of picking up a different jacket if i can sell this one. Fits more like an XL, size 44 suit. Worn, but no rips stains tears or anything weird. drop.
^get regular white chucks or another pair of stan smiths to replace the ones you blew out. or save up and get a pair of achilles lows. stan smiths and regular chucks are classics.
should i get this version of flyknits or wait until the flyknit lunar one come out in feb? lunar sole is so comfy.
^outlier wool vest is nice.
Yep, figured that out too^ Which is a bummer, as a Filson jacket that was made out of technical fabrics and had a slimmer cut would be awesome. I saw the link here and was like SWEET. Then went and looked and was disappointed. Nice jacket, don't get me wrong, but could have been better.
I would prob buy some stuff if there were XLs. Weird that a brand this far along (70,000 tees sold!) still doesn't offer an XL.
shameless plug, but i have a couple pairs of yukes up for cheap in the marketplace. and just to add to the thread, peanut suede would suck in the winter weather if you live anywhere there is snow/sleet/rain.
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