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Those grey NB 25th anniversary are nice. i have the blue 20th anniversary, they are some of my fave sneaks. quality.
yep, i think those wolf greys come out in june. i was bummed when they didn't release in feb. will definitely pick those up.
Saturdays Surf Wool CPO overshirt. New with tags. drop.
WWM olive lined field jacket. Has wool in the body, and hunting style poly in the arms to make it easy on/off. Worn a bunch, beat up a bit, plenty of life left. Priced to move.
Worn, still plenty of life left. Great softshell. Fits large, more like a regular XL for sure. I believe that this is a Stretch Ascent, but I am not 100% positive.
aaron's of eastham usually has some on sale. their website is terrible, but you can look through and see if it says they have something. I would suggest placing a phone order though, particularly if you are counting on the order coming through, as the stock doesn't update automatically. I have purchased from them and they are legitimate.
have two tokito bicycle jackets in big sizes for sale, would do huge discount if someone wants them both. pm me if you are interested!
makes a whole lot more sense that they asked for a picture since they don't have customers return the item. that is way less hassle than mailing the item back, i think that is actually GOOD customer service. what are the measurements on the new XL oxford, tees, and terry crewnecks?
Worn once or twice. Rollneck, sea blue. huge drop.
for those of you with the cardigan - you like it? love it? hate it?
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