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those are truly hideous. pretty much the only silhouette the lunar doesn't improve.
Just got my order that I placed on Wed night, lightning fast shipping. +J duffle coat is awesome, so glad I decided to get. Just a great winter coat for 80.
shameless plug, but i have a couple of tokito jackets for sale (or interest checks really, there is a jacket i have my eye on which i'll get if i can sell one of these). links in my signature.
Kind of an interest check, have an eye on a jacket that is on sale right now, if I can raise the funds like this i will pull trigger, otherwise i'll just keep this. Great jacket. Worn a bit, no real signs of it. Fits like a slim XL, good for 42/44 suit size I'd imagine. big drop.
This is kind of an interest check, thinking of picking up a different jacket if i can sell this one. Fits more like an XL, size 44 suit. Worn, but no rips stains tears or anything weird. drop.
^get regular white chucks or another pair of stan smiths to replace the ones you blew out. or save up and get a pair of achilles lows. stan smiths and regular chucks are classics.
should i get this version of flyknits or wait until the flyknit lunar one come out in feb? lunar sole is so comfy.
^outlier wool vest is nice.
Yep, figured that out too^ Which is a bummer, as a Filson jacket that was made out of technical fabrics and had a slimmer cut would be awesome. I saw the link here and was like SWEET. Then went and looked and was disappointed. Nice jacket, don't get me wrong, but could have been better.
I would prob buy some stuff if there were XLs. Weird that a brand this far along (70,000 tees sold!) still doesn't offer an XL.
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