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man, i just received the shroud of purrin hoody and urbane jacket that i ordered because both were on deep sale - they are both HUGE. just as an FYI, if you order, save yourself a return and order down a size. Wasn't expecting such vanity sizing for a garment company that is sleek and minimilist lol.
Hey All - I have a brand new pair of GT's in Cherry. I tried them on, walked around the apartment, and haven't let them see the light of day since. I like them a lot, but just need the cash right now. Just want to see if anyone's interested in them. I would be looking for ~190 shipped. Let me know if you are interested, I'll throw up some pics. Today only, drop the price to 180 shipped if payment is received today, 3/6
no sweat :-)
Still available?
Price drop to 230 shipped.
no fit pics, but i can give you some measurements if you want... It fits like a bomber jacket, not a parka.
not brand new, i have worn it a few times. No rips, stains, tears, or signs that it isn't brand new really. I have probably worn it like 5 times to walk back and forth from work which is across the street :-) No rugged arctic testing on it.
Hey Hey all - Up for sale is the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Parka. It's a blue, size L. I am selling it because I am apparently allergic to coyote fur. lol. At any rate, purchased from Paragon sports last winter. This jacket is guaranteed to keep you incredibly warm. Just the ticket for rough winter. 240 Shipped. This is the warmest jacket I have ever had, sorry to let it go.
I have the PBJ scarf and love it, indigo dyed, wool, very nice piece.
oboy oboy is definitely a recommended seller, good stuff!
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