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price drop today 3/6 - 10 dollars off each shirt today!
yep, i'll probably keep it and do that. the fit of the shirt is really nice, everything else is golden, so i'll probably trim the loose threads as well - thanks for the advice Peter!
Up for sale: FH Mixed Winter Flannel, Red/Blue, 44, SOLD RRL Heavy Work Shirt, Brown, XL, 35 shipped. SE Sea Green Chambray S/S and L/S, 75 shipped each Supreme Glen Plaid Flannel, Green, XL 75 shipped. Engineered Garments Western Flannel, Grey, XL, 60 shipped. IH Mini-Herringbone, Turquoise, XL, SOLD
Just got my utility shirts in the mail. I ordered the Yellow Seersucker and the Solid White. They fit true to size and slim. I wear a 44 FH and the Xl fits me a bit looser and more comfortably than the FH does. I am 6'3" 215 for reference. Initial thoughts: I like the seersucker fabric more than the solid white fabric, it's really nice. The solid white is okay, but nothing special. I was actually also expecting the solid white to be seersucker, but upon further...
i have a pair up for sale in B & S if anyone is interested.
and, since there was interest, some pics: (and boy do they look good in the sunlight!)
cool, responded to your PM.
vice blazer L/Xl measurements for those that may be interested: Pit to pit shoulder center back Large vice 22 ¾ 19 30 ¾ Xl vice 24 ¼ 20 31 ¾
yep, if you are standing straight up with your back straight it looks great, if you lean forward it looks like you are busting out of the urbane. The review of those shelter pants makes me think I may pick up a pair for cycling. I am definitely going with the vice blazer, i am waiting on measurements to place the order. Once I get them, I'll post in here.
Good review Alec - I am sending back the urbane jacket and the purrin hoody. The urbane jacket is close, and a great deal, but it's still relatively expensive. It also does this weird bunchy thing with the piece of fabric that covers the buttons - they should have left the buttons exposed like a deck jacket, it would have been sweet (like it looks in the stock photo they have, except buttoned up). It looks better unbuttoned then buttoned. For those that are...
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