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Just finished Art of Fielding (solid book to read as spring training opens up for baseball fans) and The Fault in Our Stars, both were pretty good easy readin'. Started Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore last night, seems promising.
anyone have experience w/ the peacoat sizing? site says it runs true to size, but the measurements look way slimmer than TTS to me.
outlier has measurements posted for it:
this is the best contest. great idea, and seeing the transformations in everyone's personal style is beautiful and inspiring. For example, a dude like Wj4 always seemed like he was just born with mad steeze - cool to see that he had a significant transformation, makes me think anyone could do it. great stuff, as always, mike and everyone at epaulet.
Since my recent purchase was a Kindle Paperwhite, I am going to keep talking about it for another post lol. Reading on the kindle is nothing like looking at a computer screen. I too am on computer all day, and didn't really ever want to read at night on iPad, and my eyes would get tired when I did read on it. Kindle isn't like that at all, my eyes don't get tired until it's time for me to fall asleep. Footnotes/endnotes are way better, as is reading longer/bigger books...
I recently purchased the kindle paperwhite and love it. it is a thousand times better than reading on the iPad. I picked it up because I had a bunch of amazon gift cards, and I am glad I did. Easier on the eyes, I can adjust the lighting to go way down while reading in bed and my wife is asleep (unlike ipad), smaller, lighter, better. Probably my favorite part, aside from not having to hold up an 800 page book while I read it (IQ84, I am looking at you) is that it's...
i like those sequoias a lot actually. those are up there with wolf grey.
of the colors released so far, the royal/volt is my favorite. i am holding off until the wolf greys are released though.
solid, thanks delirium, much obliged.
if anyone could report back on big sizes i'd appreciate it.
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