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Worn maybe twice, great shirt.
RRL chambray, worn maybe twice. Great details on this, prob the best chambray going, just never gets worn.
Never worn columbiaknit made in usa rugby. Navy and heather grey.
Selling a pair of lightly used left field tweedy denims. I would say I have worn them 25 times, some fading beginning to occur, but not a ton. Conservative estimate on times worn I think. Great shape, unique denim. Google around to learn more about it.
nike dot com.
my favorite spring/summer jacket. this is a steal. someone buy! if was XL i would just to have a backup.
Just finished Art of Fielding (solid book to read as spring training opens up for baseball fans) and The Fault in Our Stars, both were pretty good easy readin'. Started Mr Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore last night, seems promising.
anyone have experience w/ the peacoat sizing? site says it runs true to size, but the measurements look way slimmer than TTS to me.
outlier has measurements posted for it:
this is the best contest. great idea, and seeing the transformations in everyone's personal style is beautiful and inspiring. For example, a dude like Wj4 always seemed like he was just born with mad steeze - cool to see that he had a significant transformation, makes me think anyone could do it. great stuff, as always, mike and everyone at epaulet.
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