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Great jacket. Worn once. Moving to a warmer climate, won't need it. Price includes shipping in the US.
multicolors look great in that pic.
trig: not sure i understand the question, retail is $160, i bought a pair from NDC at that price, then used the 25% off code from SA to bring price down to $120. Going to return the NDC pair for a refund.
on niketalk someone posted that they emailed and confirmed that the colorway is indeed the sprite one (they placed an order and it had a stock pick of the other blue/green colorway, emailed SA, and SA confirmed that the stock pic is not the right color). the greys are better anyway :-)
damn. paid retail for my wolf greys on tuesday. even without discover cashback they are still 120 shipped. wasted $40! didn't want to chance them not showing up anywhere there was a code available, i am psyched for them. edit: just realized i can return the ones i ordered from NDC for free. plus i signed up for that shoprunner thing and got free 2 day shipping. so i have to wait a bit to get refunded, but saving $40 works for me. thanks for the heads-up!
it is gone.
they have sold, they are the ones that the other member is selling here: looks like they are still available with him though.
it's very weird that this has turned into a "WTB" thread. didn't see that coming. restocks of dungarees today. also i picked up 3 new pivot shirts, i am on the fence about whether to keep them. i already have the light blue, picked up the green, grey, and greyblue, and all three of them have a shiny sheen thing going on, which the light blue doesn't. not sure if it will go away after a wash or two. it's clearly the blazing treatment or whatever, just looks way more...
Outlier new works, Size 36. NWOT. Blue. Picked these up from the as is sale, but they aren't marked or anything (everything else that I got had red ink and cut tags, no ink or cutting on the tags for these) and came with the regular hang tag. I tossed the hang tag when I got them. Have a bunch of other outlier stuff so can let these go. Measurements and info here: Made with Outlier's Strongcloth - Scandinavian Air...
just got my telegraph jacket, i love it. highly recommend. construction and fit are great. glad i took a chance on picking something up from TS.
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