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I recently purchased the kindle paperwhite and love it. it is a thousand times better than reading on the iPad. I picked it up because I had a bunch of amazon gift cards, and I am glad I did. Easier on the eyes, I can adjust the lighting to go way down while reading in bed and my wife is asleep (unlike ipad), smaller, lighter, better. Probably my favorite part, aside from not having to hold up an 800 page book while I read it (IQ84, I am looking at you) is that it's...
i like those sequoias a lot actually. those are up there with wolf grey.
of the colors released so far, the royal/volt is my favorite. i am holding off until the wolf greys are released though.
solid, thanks delirium, much obliged.
if anyone could report back on big sizes i'd appreciate it.
i spy jackets and shoes: https://twitter.com/Outlier/status/302463265680785409/photo/1 https://twitter.com/Outlier/status/302439064727085056/photo/1
If anyone is going on Sunday to the crazy picked over but cheap part of the sale, would love a proxy.
from the outlier email: Clear out! We've got a whole lot of good stuff taking up way too much real estate here at the studio. We're up to our necks in random garments, returns, samples, mislabeled items and more. It's time to make room for new things, an Outlier As Is Sale is in order. Due to the nature of the products involved, this is an offline, in-person event in Brooklyn, NY. We absolutely can't take online or phone orders. Starting Friday, Februrary 15th all items...
anyone see the new dry easy jackets or jersey jackets in person?
Those grey NB 25th anniversary are nice. i have the blue 20th anniversary, they are some of my fave sneaks. quality.
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