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Outlier new works, Size 36. NWOT. Blue. Picked these up from the as is sale, but they aren't marked or anything (everything else that I got had red ink and cut tags, no ink or cutting on the tags for these) and came with the regular hang tag. I tossed the hang tag when I got them. Have a bunch of other outlier stuff so can let these go. Measurements and info here: http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/new-works.html Made with Outlier's Strongcloth - Scandinavian Air...
just got my telegraph jacket, i love it. highly recommend. construction and fit are great. glad i took a chance on picking something up from TS.
anyone have the telegraph jacket? looks pretty nice. haven't purchased anything from T&S, so just wondering if anyone has feedback/thoughts/experience w/ the jacket.
This shirt just stays wrinkly. Not sure what's up with it, but it's priced accordingly. great pink oxford though, super slim fit.
Great shirt, again just never wear.
Fantastic shawl cardigan from W&H. Light wear, no real signs of it. Drop.
Fantastic shirt, super lightweight flannel, great for spring/summer. reminds me of the iron heart mini herringbone flannels, definitely spring/summer weight.
price is for each flannel. i always do deals if you want multiple things, so if you see more stuff you like just ask.
Worn maybe twice, great shirt.
RRL chambray, worn maybe twice. Great details on this, prob the best chambray going, just never gets worn.
New Posts  All Forums: