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solid, thanks! does it feel cropped or short? i was ready to buy it and then saw the stock pics make it seem like a cropped jacket.
has anyone tried on (or owned) the quoin? wondering what sizing is like. thanks in advance!
This is probably my favorite piece of veilance gear (I have the partition, field jacket, isogon, and node). The back material is lighter weight and more breathable so you don't die in warmer weather. It's still p waterproof though. (The material appears to be the same as the isogon). Selling as I have a duplicate of this that I found for a steal. Some light wear, I have taken good care of it and it's in a big rotation of other outerwear. i think this is a great deal....
thoughts on the field jacket sizing? i am 6'3" and about 215, i haven't purchased anything from epaulet in quite some time, i used to take an XXL in their shirts though. i saw some posts that said it was pretty true to size, some which said to size up, and some which said it was too big haha. (thinking of grabbing the sale version, so i can't just return if it doesn't work out).
yep, that's the one i mean. water resistance holds up okay?
for those of you who ended up with the cotton hooded coat, how did it hold up over time?
^in my experience pending uniqlo orders can go either way - i have had some orders canceled after a couple days of pending, and then had some just show up, even though they were showing as pending in their system.
any thoughts on the relaxed cashmere pants from those that have seen them in person?
I think this is how stock went with the Plokhov collaboration as well. Small amount went up online > more or less immediately selling out > replenished pretty frequently, but in pretty small quantities
was looking for some regular hyperfeels, and came across these on finish line, which look like the new hyperfeel trainers. i haven't been closely monitoring nike threads for a bit, so if erryone knows about these, or i am wrong about 'em, sorry, just figured i'd share. is weird they are on FNL.
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