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These have been worn a bunch, but still have life left in them. Moving and getting rid of duplicate things. These fit larger than most W&H XL stuff in my opinion. Stock pic would probably give better idea of the olive color. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_2b87qT5uNF4/TUDCoDDUMeI/AAAAAAAALgo/HU0cGWxweYA/s1600/62608_4.jpg
Great condition, worn like twice. Won't need it in the new climate I am moving to.
Pantone Plus Series Solid Uncoated and Coated chips. Same as the book in this pic: http://di1-3.shoppingshadow.com/images/pi/f4/61/61/131605321-450x450-0-0_pantone+pantone+formula+guide+solid+coated+solid+u.jpg All intact, used a couple times. $125 retail.
Up for sale, some lightly worn Gitman XL shirts. Cleaning out closet to move, these are priced to go quickly. 1. Purple Antique Oxford $49 2. Green Antique Oxford $49 3. Overdyed Navy Oxford $59 4. Japanese Cotton Grey Striped Dobby $59 5. Sea Foal Green Squares Flannel $49 6. Blue/Grey Flannel $39 7. Green Flannel $39 All prices include shipping in the US. Shirts have all been worn lightly, but are in great shape. I will add pics soon.
i have the wolf greys and love them.
thread has been closed for like a year dude.
i went true to size, they fit great.
Every pair of Outliers is crazy comfortable. I have the ultralights, the OG's, and the old works (which are the same fabric as the slim dungarees) and they are all like wearing sweatpants.
concur, that double faced canvas fabric should last longer than the four way stretch.
Great jacket. Worn once. Moving to a warmer climate, won't need it. Price includes shipping in the US.
New Posts  All Forums: