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Picked these up on sale, have too many pairs of sunglasses and spent too much this holiday season haha. My loss, your gain. Brand new with dita glasses cloth and case.
How big do the larose baseball caps fit? (I wear a 7 3/4 fitted, so my giant melon sometimes pushes the limits of One Size Fits All).
anyone own the Lupinek lows? trying to figure out if the sizing for those is the same as the high tops (i.e. size down they run large) and also if they have the wool flyknit mix. thinking of grabbing a pair for the portland winter, need something that is warmish and waterproofish. appreciate any help in advance.
this thread is great.
maybe this is still available: good luck!
anyone have experience with the tres bien house label wool overcoats?
I have the isogon, it's a great windbreaker/spring/summer jacket. In my opinion it fits more true to size than other Veilance things, don't size down on it.
i feel like at least half of the good deals i have gotten from yoox have been because of the terrible product shots which make it hard to tell what the item is tho haha.
LOL. Hunting Ensemble, not Human Ensemble: Link: Final15 gave me 15 more percent off the sale stuff.
shout-out to human ensemble, i bought something from their sale on wednesday and it got delivered today (I am in the USA). pretty crazy, fast shipping. if you see something you like in that sale, go for it.
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