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^in my experience pending uniqlo orders can go either way - i have had some orders canceled after a couple days of pending, and then had some just show up, even though they were showing as pending in their system.
any thoughts on the relaxed cashmere pants from those that have seen them in person?
I think this is how stock went with the Plokhov collaboration as well. Small amount went up online > more or less immediately selling out > replenished pretty frequently, but in pretty small quantities
will the linen pants in navy be restocked any time soon?
was looking for some regular hyperfeels, and came across these on finish line, which look like the new hyperfeel trainers. http://www.finishline.com/store/product/mens-nike-free-hyperfeel-trainer-training-shoes/_/A-3761?productId=prod744548 i haven't been closely monitoring nike threads for a bit, so if erryone knows about these, or i am wrong about 'em, sorry, just figured i'd share. is weird they are on FNL.
spiridons are super comfortable too, one of the best pre-lunar shoes for pure comfort. i blew out two pairs, love em.
There is some super nice Filson stuff on the clymb right now. red label medium field bag for $115, levi's tote for $165, red label large briefcase in red for $140. If you use this link to sign up for the clymb, i get a bonus. Feel free to use or not use the link, just sharing that there is some stuff people might be interested in. if you sign up the filson stuff is in the "top sellers" section.
Have had nothing but incredible service from outlier, just wanted to weigh in.
Bunch of scarves up for sale. Priced low because it's not really scarf weather any more :-) Some of these are good for S/S though I believe. Wings & Horns Tube Scarf. Super lightweight cotton. Spring/summer for sure $29 shipped. Never worn. Engineered Garments Heather Gray 80 wool/20 nylon (this scarf is super comfy) $OLD. Light wear. Woolrich Woolen Mills WWM navy and heather grey striped lightweight cotton$29 Shipped. Never worn. Pendleton Black Watch wool $19...
Priced to move. These fit way bigger than a size 10, I wear 11 or 11.5 in most things. Beeswax color, very lightly worn. price drop. these are basically free now. ahaha.
New Posts  All Forums: