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As someone who cared a shit ton about what they would look like at prom (joined SF my sophomore year, went with a rental junior year, then really tried to nail it senior year) 1. It really does not matter. I had so much pride in my style but now I would gladly chalk it up if I wore an ugly notch lapel Mens wearhouse tuxedo with the impossibly bright and ugly vest and ties. 2. It would be one thing if you were using prom as an excuse to buy some clothes that you will wear...
What would you guys recommend for a every-day regular casual pant? I feel like I'm kind of moving on from raw denim. I also bike a shit ton and don't want to deal with crotch blowouts.
Style wise, obviously, and context would be awesome. I guess when I first joined styleforum, I just moved to a new high school in California, not knowing a single person. The school I used to go to had uniforms, so I only had to worry about what I wore twice a day. Before that I exclusively wore basketball shorts regardless of the weather, and I swore against wearing jeans. The only long pants I had were a pair of Dickies in khaki, and those double as my 'dress trouser.'...
I mean with OP... I'm 19 and despite hooking up with a few girls here and there randomly at parties I've never really gotten laid other than my two girlfriends. I kind of understand how it can just be hard for you to get out there and get laid because I've never picked up a girl to have sex with, but I am sort of content right now with where I am because I am trying to pursue two different girls to form a small relationship with. If you keep making excuses for yourself...
Man... Looking at this thread. I'm still waiting for my first leather jacket. Does anyone have any suggestions for an easy-to-wear leather jacket? I'm probably looking at the more conservative bomber style. Suggestions other than ToJ?
Will trade my 10.5Ds for your 10Ds!!!! Only tried mine on... Someone please be a good person hhaahha
Is OP still a virgin?
I've had an iPhone 4 since it came out, and it's getting kind of broken here and there and I think it might be time for a change. Is there any reason NOT to get the Samsung Galaxy S III? I feel like it is the best phone on the market right now.
If anyone is thinking of getting a pair of Iron Rangers in 10.5 in Amber Harness, be a real cool guy and buy mine then ship a pair of size 10Ds to me lol :P Mine are brand new and have only been tried on.
That is a terrible outfit.If you could post an outfit of what you'd wearing going out sans shoes, I'm sure most of us will be able to think of a logical choice for footwear.
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