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A certain site that ends with the word loop has 30% + Free Shipping if you spend over $300... Left Hand Twill N&F can be had for like $84, price of Red Wings are bumped down substantially.
I bet you guys all look like a bunch of tools at these meet ups... Oh look 10 guys with pocket squares and really expensive shell cordovan shoes!!
Anyone know any upcoming sale on any kind of Red Wing Boots (Iron Ranger specifically).
Maybe after I buy a good pair of boots...
Is anyone else having problems with their Sterlingwear peacoat collar not staying popped up?
What size Heat Tech long johns for a 32 waist?
What type of socks do you usually wear with your DBs? and I'm assuming you go sockless on topsiders? I wear thick socks with my DBs and they're a good fit... Might just go Zappos and order the 10s and 10.5s...
All these talk of Nike and it's really making me miss Nike Dunks... not SBs though. ... Might just buy a pair for old time's sake.
Most of the watches posted here are trying too hard. I'd rather get a Stowa or a Nomos and actually get a well built watch from a reputable brand. I liked a few of the rings though. The custom coin rings are decently affordable and pretty cool.
Anyone care to give me some sizing advice on the Iron Rangers (in Amber Harness) I wear a 10.5 in LL Bean Katahdin Boot (thick socks) 10.5 in Rancourt Ranger Mocs 11 in Vans Authentics 10 in Chucks 11.5 in Nike Free Runs 11 in Sperry Topsiders 10.5 in Clarks DB and 11 in most other sneakers. Also anyone know of some sweet deals coming up on the Iron Ranger? It seems like they can routinely be had under $200. Planning on wearing this mostly with thick/medium socks.
New Posts  All Forums: