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Will trade my 10.5Ds for your 10Ds!!!! Only tried mine on... Someone please be a good person hhaahha
Is OP still a virgin?
I've had an iPhone 4 since it came out, and it's getting kind of broken here and there and I think it might be time for a change. Is there any reason NOT to get the Samsung Galaxy S III? I feel like it is the best phone on the market right now.
If anyone is thinking of getting a pair of Iron Rangers in 10.5 in Amber Harness, be a real cool guy and buy mine then ship a pair of size 10Ds to me lol :P Mine are brand new and have only been tried on.
That is a terrible outfit.If you could post an outfit of what you'd wearing going out sans shoes, I'm sure most of us will be able to think of a logical choice for footwear.
Just got a pair of Iron Rangers. A 10D would be perfect, but the store I bought them from does not have 10D in stock. Brand spanking new, no defects anywhere, so I won't even post pictures.
My Iron Rangers arrived. As much as I love the 1000 Mile and GT, the Iron Ranger made more sense for my style and functionaity as my main boot. I'll get around to the 1000 Mile and GT later :P. Ordered half size down from what I think is my regular size. For comparison, I wear an 11D in the LL Bean Katahdin (essentially the Chippewa boot), and ordered a 10.5D. The Beans run a little big overall but most people order that boot half a size down. I have issues with my heel...
The pant roll is just a really dumb #menswear thing in my opinion.
The pants roll looks bad.
Really want a pair of the ranger mocs in green on a vibram sole...
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