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I think it's really funny how we've come full circle with the sneaker obsession. How many of you guys used to be on hypebeast/any sneaker forum before you got to SF?
I was looking through threads and then I realized I started this one. I didn't really do too much that was rewarding except get laid a little and bum around with friends. Although I do wish I did a little more traveling. Oh well.
Don't know if this is common knowledge but the Rayban New Wayfarers are really trash compared to the classic one.
If you don't have something equivalent to the Park Avenue in black already, please please please get that. So much more useful, and barely anyone will notice or care that you aren't wearing patent shoes with your tuxedo.
Actually got fitted today at a store... What a world of difference! I wear anywhere from an 11 to 11.5 in most shoes, but it turns out I'm just a modest 9.5D in Allen Edmonds, and I'm guessing most other shoes. If Nordstrom was carrying the Strand in 9.5 I must have gotten those, but I got a 10D, which fits great, but still has the slight roominess I'm used to. You know how as a kid all your shoes are bought slightly bigger because your feet will grow eventually? Yep. So...
This jacket is fucking incredible. I had one but I just lost it... But before that I would wear it so fucking regularly.
The Sterlingwear I bought... while cheap, is absolute dick, and I'm growing out of it. Anyone have suggestions for a new peacoat?
Also what the hell do people think about Doctor Martens? Should I steer clear? I wore them once in elementary school but I never understood how to incorporate it into your daily wardrobe.
Man I would love the day I find MY leather jacket. The day it happens it will probably be like a more conservative Rick/Margiela leather if anything.
Anyone have opinions on what color I should get on Alden Indy Boots? I'm in love with Color 8 but I don't like how it looks on the boot. I'm also having trouble trying to spend that extra however many hundred dollars for shell... I know the classics are the 403 and 405. Does anyone have an opinion on which one I should get?
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