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Some advice on suit fitting... If it's not nerve-wrecking for you to go inside a Neiman Marcus or some high end department store, go inside and try on some suits. The range of suits at those stores will be infinitely better than anything you try on at a Macy's or Nordstrom or whatever. You'll actually have a good idea of what a good fitting suit is. You'll realize that nothing you try on under a certain price point will fit that well, but at least you'll understand how a...
I just don't care about raw denim anymore. It has lost its appeal to me... the fact that it is catching on to the mainstream also has a little to do with it. What are some sources for nice washed denim? I'm tempted to get some of the discounted Acnes off of Yoox but I have no idea how each of them fit. Or does anyone know where I can try on some Acnes in the Bay Area?
Which shoe do you guys think is more versatile? The PTB or LWB? In #8 Shell of course...
No offense but for someone with 6000+ posts and having been a part of this forum for nearly 6 years these are very uninspiring and boring fits.
Just curious to people who own both Stow Shoes and boots... how do you wear them different? Do you ever feel more inclined to wear the shoe more than the boot with a certain type of outfit?
No offense no matter what you look like you're out of r/malefashionadvice than styleforum lol.Now this should be what SWD should be all about. No homo but if I was a chick I would definitely want on.
I guess I can agree that there is no 'right' way to enjoy whiskey... As long as it tastes good to you and you're kind of keeping the integrity of the whiskey (i.e. not pouring coke in it) you're fine. Drinking whiskey straight is still very difficult to me, but I have been able to drink Jameson on the rocks pretty easily the last week or so. Of the 4 whiskies I've actually bought at least a fifth of for myself, I'd currently rank them Jameson>Maker's Mark>Jim Bean>Evan...
Am I the only one that doesn't really get whiskey? The only whiskey I can stand drinking on the rocks is Jameson (it is somewhat enjoyable to me). I have some Makers Mark (not scotch I know) but I need to put like 10 ice cubes in there and let it melt a fair amount before I can even begin to sip and taste the different flavors. Otherwise it just tastes like straight hard alcohol.
I bought the Black/White/Red Jordan 1s but I honestly don't know how much I am going to wear them...
I don't know if it's just me but I'm still not really getting the appeal of drinking liquor straight or on the rocks. I've been trying to drink Maker's Mark straight/on the rocks and neither does it for me... Although Jameson is halfway decent in my opinion. Anything else I should try if Jameson is the only thing I find enjoyable?
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