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It's the occasion and the costume-y nature of it. I'd only wear a 3-piece to an occasion that I know I own. Otherwise you draw a little bit too much attention to yourself... which is fine, but not all the time.
What are actual good cuts of denim these days that actually look good enough to dress up with a shirt and jacket? No crazy japanese experimental fabrics and minimal backpocket design implied.
Does Uniqlo no longer do MIJ jeans?
I can't find a pair of brown wingtip bluchers that can arrive at my door within a week. Most offerings are either Closed Lacing A Walnut/Tan color Will not arrive in a week Over 300 Can someone help me find the shoe? A darker AE Player's Shoe or darker AE MacNeil both probably would have done the trick, but dark brown shoes seem to be rare at this pricepoint and this style.
This is not so much fashion advice as it is giving out life advice to gibs. If your clothes look good and you look good in them, the first thing people think aren't "why is this guy so dressed up" but rather "man this guy looks good" If your idea of dressing up looks like this People are definitely going to ask why you're all dressed up, and assume you were at work or something. But if you look good, people will just come up to you and tell you look good, and how...
Man every time I check the price of the OG Pant it fucking goes up! I wish I got it like a year or two ago when I found out about it.
Any opinions on this?,en_US,pd.html?start=24&cgid=Jackets Is SuitSupply a good buy? Or are there better options.
Suggestions for some versatile brown MC Casual shoes for around $300? 8)
Any have sizing advice on the Player's Shoe? I take a 9.5D in the Strand. How do the lasts compare? And can I expect walnut to darken over time to at least a medium brown color?
I need a shoe that is: Brown Pairs well with a dress shirt and jeans/chinos/odd trousers. Decently comfortable to walk with long distances. Which Allen Edmonds shoe am I looking at?
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