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Do it for Kanye
What are some cool sneakers that aren't Common Projects? I like the look of the Saint Laurent ones.
If you know what you're doing, black shoes + black jeans can be done very well.
This looks dank
Heathfield looks better but idk it's just not that interesting of a jacket.
I'd post in the Nike Thread put you can't post polls in threads. Since it seems like we have a fair amount of former sneakerheads migrated from those sneaker forums, which is your favorite Air Jordan? Choose as many as you want. Only decided to do this poll because this demographic cares more about the actual looks of the shoe and not so much by hype.
Is this the Grant fit?
I got a pair of the Danvilles. The Mosley Tribes are a pretty good buy from this sale... $45 is a good price point for a pair of sunglasses that don't look like shit and you can toss around.Also stocked up on some shorts once spring/summer rolls around and a pair of red APC PS. Nothing too special.
God damn some of these shoes are nice.
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