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Are other brands like Grenson, Barker, etc., known for a certain style of shoe? I see they make similar country brogue type shoes as Tricker's. Just wanted to get to know my British shoe brands more.
Oops, I meant big LIST of british brands.
Going to be in England for the next few months, and would love to check out some British clothing. I don't really have a specific aesthetic, and I enjoy looking at clothing that doesn't fit my aesthetic. I'll start off with a few that I know off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are a LOT of brands that I am unfamiliar with that are worth checking out. Shoes Edward Green John Lobb Church's Tricker's Barkers Grenson Doctor Martens/Solovair General...
Where are some brick and mortar stores that I can buy Trickers in in London? Been wanting a pair forever and since I'm going to London for a few months, I'll use it as an excuse to buy a pair and have them be my main pair of shoes for this stay.
Been having the hardest time trying to decide which pair of boots to buy and pack on my trip to Europe. I only plan on bringing a pair of Birkenstocks, these boots, and a pair of sneakers. I plan to make at least one other shoe purchase when I'm there, probably a pair of Trickers or Meermin/Carmina. Not looking for anything with a leather sole... I know I can resole or Topy, but I've always believed in keeping the shoes the way they came until they're worn out and need...
Where's the best place to sell a pair of Rancourts? I have a pair of brown ranger mocs in 11D and I don't know why I keep trying to convince myself that they fit.
I imagine I'm not the first person whose first venture into buying more expensive clothes online was in raw denim. Found out about superfuture, bought a pair of Samurais, and kind of made my way here. Used to wear raws every single day and couldn't imagine wearing anything else... I was also in high school so it was easy to just wear blue jeans every day. Now my skulls are comfortably retired and I haven't worn them in a while. Last pair of raw denim I bought was the...
Put 10 in cuz I'm a pussy. 32,683
Does anyone have suggestions for Asian hairstyles that isn't the same hairstyle that every Asian is rocking right now? lol
Honestly unless you throw in a gallon of bleach or some shit you don't have to worry about the dye losing color or whatever bullshit. Just wear them man they're pants. This is coming from someone who has gone through probably $600-700 worth of jeans. Maybe do the initial hot soak, wear them, then wash them when they get dirty or smell or need a wash.
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