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Katahdins were the first major boot I bought. Forgot how much they cost then but they were definitely under 220. I remember the quality being pretty good (but I didn't have much of a reference) but I just completely fucked up the sizing. I don't think it's fair to compare to Horween because they're simply two types of leather, but Katahdin boots could probably take a beating. If I can find my old pair I'd definitely be open to selling it. I'm quite impressed by some of...
My favorite pair used to be a pair of Skull 5010xx, if I remember the model number correctly. After that I just never really bothered with raw denim. I didn't care for the look too much, and it was too much hassle on my end to break them in and size correctly. I still wear jeans right now, but they're all just sized up Uniqlos in a tapered fit. Honestly fit me the best, runs around $30-40 a pair, super comfy, and I can wash them whenever I want.
Can anyone recommend some barbers in San Jose or Sacramento? Also, any interesting Asian hairstyles other than the same one that everyone is rocking? (combover with either shaved or faded sides)
My thoughts on APC Kanye, I feel like I have a similar build as you and these jeans fit great and look great from an aesthetic standpoint, but from a functional standpoint they're seriously the most awkward cut of jeans for me. I don't know why, it might be because of the low rise. Because of these jeans I have a huge problem tying my shoes or getting on my bike. I asked someone else who has APC Kanyes and he said he has to walk around funny because of these jeans. I'd...
I have a feeling you are a troll. But ultimately it comes down to wear what you want, and what you feel comfortable in. Wearing clothes is an expression of YOUR personal style, and you shouldn't be walking projection of an internet forum's groupthink. So if you want to carry around a rolling bag, wear an Ushanka Hat, other weird ass shit, do it to your heart's content.But you are also a skinny kid, and if you walk around with a rolling bag and a ushanka, you are going to...
Of all the flyknits to come out, which are your favorites?? I had a chance to try on the Flyknit Lunar1 and Free Flyknit after never ever trying on a pair of flyknits. Have to say I fell in love pretty fast.
I'm about to get my Rancourts in. I never had a problem with foot sweat until the last month or so, and I love wearing my shoes sockless. Does anyone know if using stuff like foot powder can damage shoes in the long run?
What's a good way to get into investing with small sums of money (say
I used to be cool with Cameras but I've kind of lost all passion in photography... but I may get back into it some time soon. What's another fairly reasonable hobby that I can waste my money on? I'm starting to pick up on golf more so a new set is on the horizon somewhere. No cars because I don't have that much money yet. I mean the smartest thing would be to save and invest but part of the reason I like spending money on all the things I do is because of all the time...
Do it for Kanye
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