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Two questions... Good value RTW suits in Hong Kong? Was thinking The Armoury, but I am sure there are other places. EDIT - nvm didn't realize The Armoury had prices in US dollars... Are places like WW Chan more catered towards Western people? It has an exclusively Chinese site. Where do local Hong Kong people go for suits? I imagine they don't go to Indian tailors, and probably have their own circle of local Chinese tailors that people don't read about on Styleforum.
I just buy Uniqlo jeans these days because they work for my body. If I had the means I'd probably look at some offerings from Dior or Acne but I don't.
What are the best Chelsea boots under $300?
holy crap I totally know who you are I went to a math competition with you when i was like 13.
I'm in London and I used to wear Doctor Martens so I decided to get a pair of Solovairs. I admit I'm not as active on this forum anymore so I don't know what the demographic is like, but I know we used to have a few members that had some sort of skinhead influence. Anyway, I was originally going to get the smooth leather which is just a corrected grain, but after years of wearing some higher quality leather shoes (Crockett & Jones, Rancourt, Red Wing) it was painful to...
All Green Tricker's I've seen are so beautiful... Still can't decide if I want to buy a pair if it's going to be my main boot...
Are other brands like Grenson, Barker, etc., known for a certain style of shoe? I see they make similar country brogue type shoes as Tricker's. Just wanted to get to know my British shoe brands more.
Oops, I meant big LIST of british brands.
Going to be in England for the next few months, and would love to check out some British clothing. I don't really have a specific aesthetic, and I enjoy looking at clothing that doesn't fit my aesthetic. I'll start off with a few that I know off the top of my head, but I'm sure there are a LOT of brands that I am unfamiliar with that are worth checking out. Shoes Edward Green John Lobb Church's Tricker's Barkers Grenson Doctor Martens/Solovair General...
Where are some brick and mortar stores that I can buy Trickers in in London? Been wanting a pair forever and since I'm going to London for a few months, I'll use it as an excuse to buy a pair and have them be my main pair of shoes for this stay.
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