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Finally decided to see what the whole deal with Laphroaig was... I think I can acquire a taste for it, but it won't be something I'll reach for out of enjoyment. What other brands of scotch should I look at that aren't peaty as shit?
+ 20 lol = 53,620
Started reading fiction again, fantasy in particular. It was a genre I used to love but just haven't touched. Takes a while to set up, but once it's set up it's kind of fun to experience that same feeling I used to get as a kid reading fantasy.
A suede PTB might be up your alley as something not too flashy, but not completely boring. I feel like monks are more of a once/twice a week shoe, while a PTB can be your workhorse. From Alden.
Where do I buy on-sale expensive shit in B&M stores in Manhattan!?
Yea... I quit wearing other denim after finding these, which includes a couple pairs of APCs collecting dust.
The only right answer for what to wear to work is to go to work on your first day a little overdressed, observe how people there are dressed, and then dress the way everyone else is.
I DON'T KNOW WHICH MAKE OF MONK STRAPS I WANT TO BUY!! Well mostly be casual. Tempted by the suede but kind of just want to go for a calf.
Two questions... Good value RTW suits in Hong Kong? Was thinking The Armoury, but I am sure there are other places. EDIT - nvm didn't realize The Armoury had prices in US dollars... Are places like WW Chan more catered towards Western people? It has an exclusively Chinese site. Where do local Hong Kong people go for suits? I imagine they don't go to Indian tailors, and probably have their own circle of local Chinese tailors that people don't read about on Styleforum.
I just buy Uniqlo jeans these days because they work for my body. If I had the means I'd probably look at some offerings from Dior or Acne but I don't.
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