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Any suggestions for jeans with a pretty aggressive taper and a regular rise?
I think I did 33 in 2016. Sure let's aim for 50. I think I'll do about half 'essential reads' and then half my own pick. And there's other literature too. Even if you don't believe anything else about the effects of porn, it doesn't give you some more time of your day back for something that doesn't really add much to your life. Sex is okay, just no porn and masturbating.
So I destroy the heels of every shoe I wear before they get a chance to wear out. Are there any decent solutions for preserving the heels on a pair of CPs? I have started getting heel taps on my dress shoes but I don't think they work with sneakers.
this must not be a post disguised to advertise Agave Denim!!
Going to a friend's wedding and using it as an excuse to buy some new clothes. I really like Spier and Mackay but because I was stupid I don't think the shirts will ship in time for my wedding. Looking to spend less than $100
Buttons are the easiest thing to replace, so don't let that be a limiting factor if you find a blazer you like.
Finally decided to see what the whole deal with Laphroaig was... I think I can acquire a taste for it, but it won't be something I'll reach for out of enjoyment. What other brands of scotch should I look at that aren't peaty as shit?
+ 20 lol = 53,620
Started reading fiction again, fantasy in particular. It was a genre I used to love but just haven't touched. Takes a while to set up, but once it's set up it's kind of fun to experience that same feeling I used to get as a kid reading fantasy.
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