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If you want a classic shoe that will last, it's not going to come cheap. In all honesty, $550 for the shoe above isn't that bad, especially since it'll last you forever.
Anyone know if the NYC store has shawl collar sweaters?
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood I'm interviewing for a spot in the upper east side (Around 70th st and 2nd ave). I've never lived in NY before and I'm seriously considering the idea. I have a lot of questions: 1) I heard that NY is ridiculously expensive, but I see a lot of craigslist ads for 2 bedrooms for around $2k/mo in the upper east side. Is that real or is there some sort of scam here? 2) A lot of ads say "Great Share". Does that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. World Champs! Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma First off, let me say I am from the US, and I am not a baseball fan. I love sports for the competition, adversity, and the fact that any given day, miracle upsets can happen. But that isn't always true. I've always found it curious how professional sports call their teams 'World Champions'. Do they compete on a world stage with many...
Original post updated with price drops. Wool pants are $105 with free shipping CONUS and cotton pants are $60 with free shipping CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire It actually even was on topic! It was about a navy/white/brown small patterned Cappelli, a light blue/white small patterned Marinella, a beige pure cashmere Marinella and a pure wool true seven fold Tie your Tie. I'll get pics soon. You are the third person ever to use the word "xosauer"...congrats!
BUMP Pairs #1 & #2 are sold, 2 cotton Incotex pants added.
Only big-timers match their tie to their square. This may be the start of a paradigm shift on WAYWRN.
Quote: Originally Posted by suitntieguy I can't thank you enough. If you ever find yourself in Chicago hit me up. The food and wine will be epic..... Haha, no problem.
Umm...so i can, so i can??
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