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Not that I have any experience with anything better than a quartz Seiko, but I submit for your approval the JLC Reverso (Duo, here) and JLC Master Ultra Thin:
Photos of tsarist Russia...in vivid color
Quote: Originally Posted by JonHecht Oh, wonderful, I guess I'll flip that as well! It looks very modern, so I find that interesting. You find some incredible stuff, but I feel like everytime I see your pictures. If you try to sell that Hermes suit (or any of those SR suits) on eBay with those pictures, you're not going to get what you could with better pictures. Seriously, get a halfway decent Point & Shoot (or borrow one from a friend)...
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 Depends on when you get on it, if you get on it by 8:30, yes. If you get on it at 7:30, no. Ideally, find a place where you can get 4,5,6 all together if you're on east side, if not, find somewhere close to 6. The express (4,5) really do save you time though. Spanish Harlem is scary in sight, but not in reality, I lived there for a year when I first move to NYC (109th and Madison), I was like the only Asian there...
More drops, wool pants are $100 and cotton are $55
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger yankees fuckign suck
If you want a classic shoe that will last, it's not going to come cheap. In all honesty, $550 for the shoe above isn't that bad, especially since it'll last you forever.
Anyone know if the NYC store has shawl collar sweaters?
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood I'm interviewing for a spot in the upper east side (Around 70th st and 2nd ave). I've never lived in NY before and I'm seriously considering the idea. I have a lot of questions: 1) I heard that NY is ridiculously expensive, but I see a lot of craigslist ads for 2 bedrooms for around $2k/mo in the upper east side. Is that real or is there some sort of scam here? 2) A lot of ads say "Great Share". Does that...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. World Champs! Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma First off, let me say I am from the US, and I am not a baseball fan. I love sports for the competition, adversity, and the fact that any given day, miracle upsets can happen. But that isn't always true. I've always found it curious how professional sports call their teams 'World Champions'. Do they compete on a world stage with many...
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