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Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar Yes, I know what you mean, the document was originally 20,000 rows. I can deal with 13,000 blank rows, but a million blows. Try copying the data from the worksheet that's giving you trouble into a new worksheet, or even a new workbook.
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse Interesting stuff, thanks. I never actually thought this would happen to me. . . but more and more I'm going with open source stuff for anything that I need to know exactly how it works. Perhaps I'm becoming a nerd. I'm not familiar with any open source stuff specifically for Excel. What have you used and for what purpose? And yes, one you start using open source you're a nerd.
Wow! Is this the SF version of buying a red convertible when you hit your mid-life crisis?
Quote: Originally Posted by Milhouse How random is rand() and how good are the distribution functions in excel? Rand() is purely random for numbers between 0 and 1. You can also force it to return random values between two set values (say, 1 and 100), however it will never choose the top value of the range (in this case, 100. It'll return up to 99.999999999999). Here's a website that details choosing a random number between two given...
Is that shirt being pinned in the back, or is it really that slim?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny Update: My friend initiated a chargeback, the bank said they'll "see what they can do" and paypal is as usual non-responsive. If the chargeback goes through, won't PayPal be on the hook for the money? That would seem like a good enough incentive for them to get their asses in gear. Maybe your friend needs to let PayPal know exactly what's going on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thrift Pirate link did not work for me. Odd...I found a different link, which is much better anyway. However, I still refuse to believe that people actually saw things in color in the early 1900's...
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood You must be joking right? one word: Meat market. Oh yeah, I get shot down there all the time too. You like it, teh NYC?
Quote: Originally Posted by clee1982 haha, we must have been neighbors without even konwing it we are one block away, and we must have been talking about the same chinese restaurant. I think their number 1 selling item is fried chicken with fried rice, no vegetiable..., not much of a chinese restaurant per se... Ha, very random. I was in the old-ass apartment building on the SW corner of 110th & Madison. Nice and cheap and perfect for where...
Quote: Originally Posted by bsarosi Hey All, I currently have a closet full of Johnston & Murphy dress shoes. While I love this brand and their shoes, a pay raise has allowed me to upgrade the wardrobe with some new shoes. I am familiar with some of the higher-quality shoes (Alden, Church's, Ferragamo, Cole Haan, Bruno Magli), but would appreciate advice on brands you prefer and why. I am not an avid shoe guy so I don't know the differences between...
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