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Quote: Originally Posted by JesterM Thanks for the tips, much more elegant than what I came up with. I was under a bit of a time constraint so I highlighted the information for each company, then told excel to drop duplicates in reference to trading day. That ended up giving me the first price of the day rather than the last, which I originally wanted, but for my purposes it worked fine. Glad to hear you found something that works. In...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jchurch I was wondering if anyone was still interested in buying these. I am trying to have Alden make a set for me and I believe I would need to order a minimum of 6 pairs Jacob. This won't be as hard as you think. Just convince he needs to diversify and voila, you have yourself a pair.
Be sure to verify that nothing has been altered on the suit. The chest size versus the waist size looks off. A 38" chest with a 34" pant waist OTR just doesn't seem right to me.
Post exactly what you want on Craigslist. I'm pretty sure you can find anything you're looking for in NYC on Craigslist.
Quote: Originally Posted by AgentQ One neat way of doing this without using macros is to create another column that takes some value (say, 1) whenever the date on its row differs from the date on the next row. Now you'll have a column of values that are only 1 if the quote on that line is the last one of the day. extracting the quotes, now, is easy as pie. My guess is that the newest quote info will be the last row of the dataset, which would...
Quote: Originally Posted by RedLantern How would you classify the overall cut of #1? The rise seems fairly low and the leg openings pretty small in comparison witht the waist. Is the seat and thigh area similarly slim? Yeah, these are cut pretty slim. Between my pair of Mabitex and Incotex, the Incotex pair is noticeably slimmer.
Quote: Originally Posted by JesterM I have this huge file of intra-day stock data but I really only need the last information of the day. Is there a way to get the last quote of the day without having to go through and manually delete the earlier information? It's set up as: Symbol Date Time Price Thanks in advance! This depends on how you have your data arranged. I'm sure there are an equal amount of easy and...
my favourite is the hip swagger, the sweater loose and tucked in only slightly to one side, with the sleeves rolled & bunched so perfectly.
Price drop. $90 shipped CONUS.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar that's what I'll likely do. Was hoping there was a button up top to fix. oof 36,218 KB in size (I have 8-9 worksheets, the biggest of which is 19k rows and 255 columns) Holy shit, what kind of data are you working with and why isn't this in a database?
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