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Quote: Originally Posted by JesterM Thanks, I really appreciate the help. I ended up using stata to match the dates (I created a master file with company id and actual trading days then used the joinby command to match it with the current file), then moved it back to excel for the formulas. Now I just have to use R for the analysis.....excel>stata>excel>R....FML. If I can't do it in Excel or Access, I don't do it. You have to draw the...
The new site has a great layout. The only thing I would recommend would be an "All" option instead of allowing the user to only drill down into a specific Tie, PS and/or Cufflink choice.
Quote: Originally Posted by AgentQ He already has a column with the trading days he needs in the same sheet. See below. Who reads the actual questions, anyway?
I don't understand what's weird about any of this.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol I was thinking more =if(iserror(vlookup(date,listofdates,pricecolumn,false)),,vlookup(date,listofdates,pricecolumn,false)) Exactly. The problem I was talking about was where do the new dates/prices go? I think the easiest solution would be to create a new dataset by listing every date starting with the oldest date until today. Then you can use the...
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol Well the next step would be with entries that return an error to fill with the price immediately above, which shouldn't be hard, right? The problem would be that he'd be entering all the missing dates at the bottom of the dataset in one lump. I guess it shouldn't be too hard to grab the last date using a formula. Does an approximate VLOOKUP (TRUE) work with dates?
Paid for my ties last night and received them today. Nice when the seller lives around the corner. Great seller, very nice selection of ties and you can't really beat the prices.
Here's my idea:
Quote: Originally Posted by JesterM 1) It's ok, I'd rather use other programs like stata or R but I usually have to use excel when communicating with other people. Certain things drive me crazy, like I can never get charts to look right on excel. 2) For how often it happens: Between Jan 3rd, 2006 and Sept 30, 2009 there are 977 trading days. For this particular security I have 110 missing values. I'm looking at about 30 different securities, I'm...
My first question would be: How do you like Excel '07? I don't have it, but when I've used it on coworkers computers it makes me want to . Anyway, on to your question. If I understand correctly, your issue is that you have some days missing from your data because the particular security wasn't traded on that day. Is this correct? Assuming that's correct, how often does this happen? A manual solution may not be the answer because it would probably end up...
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