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While my recent purchases are no where near as beautiful as all the other shoes I've seen in this thread, I just wanted to brag about the deals I found at Century 21 in the Financial District. I got 3 pairs of Hugo Boss shoes for $22, $22 and $26. They had dust all over them, but other than that they were in fine shape. I didn't believe the price until it showed up on the cash register. Two of the pairs were identical, one was size 11 and the other 11.5. I wear the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny Keep in mind that most of GQ is ads. Their website has alot of good stuff as well. Googling "style tips" or "style rules" helps as well. GQ is exactly where I started too. The price for a yearly subscription is very cheap ($10 for 1 year, $18 for 2 years) and definitely worth it, if only for the fact that reading a magazine in the bathroom isn't as awkward as using your computer. I also recommend...
If you're near a larger city, see if there are any large discount malls (like the Mills). You might be able to find a Neiman Marcus Last Call, Saks Off Fifth or other "clearance" type stores that sell higher-end, quality clothes. If you have the time you could try visiting some thrift stores; I usually find a very good deal or two each time I visit my local one. You could also go the eBay route, but you better know your sizes well.
Don't know if you saw, but there's a grey, size 0, Thom Browne suit up for $995 as well as a Black Fleece cardigan here: gogogogogo
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