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Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Sounds like Bobby is about to be out at FSU... Yep, that's what ESPN is saying - Also, Charlie Weis was fired; not that there were many people who didn't see that coming.
I bought an Alara shirt from Century 21 a few months ago and they are some very good shirts for their price point. At $15 shipped that's a hell of a deal.
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk Have any of you ever been mariners of some sort? I'm interested in spending some time as a deck worker on a cargo ship someplace, but don't know what that would entail, or where to begin. You may want to start here:
Quote: Originally Posted by yachtie OK, fess up- how many of you have cut off your little toes to fit into those pointy little girly shoes you all seem to favor? I'm actually in the last stages of foot binding my size 13 feet so I can fit into a size 9 since there are always more size 9s on clearance.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol I would honestly practice if I weren't using a Mac 99.99% of the time. I guess the silver lining is I'm not working in an office anymore... I'll second the fact that Excel on a Mac is Not working in an office is a gold or platinum lining, not silver.
Quote: Originally Posted by withstyle The sale was still going on yesterday (Monday). I was in Manhattan for the day and stopped by. Found a nice, thick solid navy 2-button sportcoat, size EU48, that fit like a glove. they were asking $550 and I talked them down to $400. Didn't buy as I discovered a pull on the front and they wouldn't haggle the price down any more. They still seemed to have many shirts available in different colors and sizes. Pants...
Those are beautiful. Bigbris would respond, but he's too busy rubbing one out to that exquisite (shoe) box.
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Saw Brooke Shields walking with her kids and husband on W. 70th then saw John Turturo, who was in front of me in line at Maoz, between 70th & 71st on Amsterdam. This happened probably about 2 minutes apart. Of course my girlfriend was the one who recognized Brooke Shields and I was the one who recognized John Turturo.
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol I have lost my touch. I can't visualize these problems without actually using excel It sure is a sad day when this happens. From here on out we have to institute manditory practice sessions if you post in this thread.
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