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Danner makes some damn fine boots.
Any way you'd part the set out? I'd love to get my hands on The Third Man...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster Any confirmation on an upcoming Barney's Warehouse Sale in February? Does anyone know if there is a sale and what dates? Feb 17th., so says racked.com http://ny.racked.com/archives/2011/0...onth_today.php
Quote: Originally Posted by Ispy Sub 11 lb ride: http://www.bikerumor.com/2011/01/27/...-36-lb-parlee/ If its been posted already forgive me, too lazy to look. So sick...$8,700 for just the components listed.
Quote: Originally Posted by iceypain sorry if it's already been asked in this thread, but what's the best way to learn excel from scratch? In addition to what Biggskip said above, once you get semi-proficient you can just go back through this thread and read it; you'll learn a lot that way, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by RedScarf7 So I've got a model template that I've built. I want to add a print feature to the table of contents page that would allow my boss (or whoever) to select a particular tab from a drop down menu and hit a button that would print off the pre-determined print area from the tab they desire info from. I'm pretty decent in excel, not very experienced with VBA. Recording a macro to accomplish this has been proven very slow...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Pivot tables pissing me off Whenever I add a new field to the values it defaults to "sum" I want it to default to "average" How the fck do I change this... I am looking at like 20 fields and it's driving me nuts I'm don't think you can change the default setting from Sum or Count. Here's a link to an add-in that may help (it's under 'Data Fields'):...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip One way is just experience. The more things you work on, and the more varied thing you work on the better. Another way is to have somebody send you the most complicated and complex spreadsheet they have available and to go through it cell by cell and understand how the whole thing works. Agreed. I got good because I used it at work for 8 hours per day. I also learned VBA from a book and was able to...
Atlanta is a great place to live (more so if you're single). I used to live in Midtown a few years ago and loved being able to walk to Piedmont park, hit up some bars and restaurants and not have to drive. Commute time was probably the single worst part about living in Atlanta. Since you'd be living in the city your commute to work probably wouldn't be too bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm Which Century21 did you go to? Financial District one.
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