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I am under 12.
There's a blog post about needlepoint belts on tophatsandspats.com. What do you guys think about that particular belt pictured? I apologize for not knowing how to post pictures.
What do you guys think of boater hats? I noticed that the blog that AB posted earlier has a post on them. Boater Hat
Over shoes or wellington's.
I will be attending a wedding on February 29th in Florida and was thinking about about wearing a robin's egg blue gingham shirt with pink and white polka dot bow tie and grey double-stripe MTM Armani suit. I realize this is a very spring-y look, but is it appropriate for almost Spring in Florida? Normally, I would wait for Spring to dust off the pastels, but this damn cold weather is making me yearn for the warmer temperatures.
I guess Brandy Library is out. Perhaps we should post a poll to decide. Has anyone been to Little Branch?
Does January 31st work for everyone? I'll work on finding a suitable establishment.
Has there ever been an "unofficial" Style Forum party? I think it'd be a good idea to all meet up at Brandy library one night, drink, then watch as some fist fights erupt.
If you want to dress like a genius, just go through my wardrobe.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba surprised the Gekko wasnt mentioned yet Gecko wore shoulder pads under his dress shirts...loser.
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