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here are the ones from hollister...not bad for the price, they probably fit pretty good too since hollister/abercrombie tends to be fitted. The only problem i have is the damn bird on the pocket...would it be too much of a hassle to take that thing off?
went in there today and got a pair of the distressed selvege for 9.99, white selevege jeans for 9.99, and the dark rinse selvege for 9.99. not bad! they had the new authetic fit jeans there but no selevge @ snuf: i would recommend sizing down to a 28-29- only 28 if you can try it on in the store, though, because the sizing is somewhat inconsistent. otherwise, go with a 29. in the store they tell me there are no 32 length inseams with a 28 waist, but on the...
thanks i just did that...are there any that you know of that would work right now? im about to buy some short but just wanna check if there are available coupons first
are there any jcrew coupon codes?
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo looks like it needs to be ironed... I have a western short sleeve shirt that I got from Hollister a while back that I love. I've worn it dozens upon dozens of times and it still looks new. I will have to swing by Target pick up one of these funny you say that because i was in the mall today, and a western shirt caught my eye on one of the mannequins as i walked by hollister..thought i was going crazy for a...
wouldnt mind getting a pair of the rigid selvege authetics since i am too poor to afford anything better, but honestly for most other people at the price (90, no?) its really not worth it. On sale for 40 and under sure though
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman Adam Lambert is that you?? you fucker i logged in just to make an adam lambert joke, too slow
is there anything similar to the generic man chuckman in the 50-80 dollar price range?
i kind of like the skinny colored ones but the authentic fits look like shit..and wtf is this? The water used in the process of washing and dyeing these jeans has been specially treated to ensure it is safe and clean when it leaves the factory.
funny that the first thing i thought of was kmw in forge, strong groupthink
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