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Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf Damn. Where are you located?? There are none near me. south florida
theres a ton of white selevge gap in the store near me for30/30 and 31/30... for 9 bucks
no offense but it looks like a chicks jacket to me
Quote: Originally Posted by mccvi Thank you for a serious contribution. I thought about this, that maybe I was selectively remembering particular incidences based on a sort of attributional bias. I don't rule this possibility out, though it does not ring true to my experience. While bumping (and by this I mean making little or no attempt to find a mutually negotiable space and therefore running into my wife; or deciding merely to walk in front of her...
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK It's not really practical to be overtly stylish at Texas A&M. Well fitting jeans (not skinny, mind you) are about as SF approved as it gets over there. It's also really f00king hot, making cargo shorts and flip flops a very appealing setup. Finding the perfect medium is a long, slow, expensive process... yeah, florida heat makes it pretty hard also. practically all shorts fit like shit and a T can only go...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. That's not really steampunk.
steampunk dandy vs goth ninja
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum I'm writing here just because I feel more comfortable with you guys handjobs?
true story, i walk abound like a robot stiff legged and avoid picking shit up because i do not want the breasts of a middle aged mother of 4 hanging off my jawns
"dope" makes me fuckin cringe to hear white internet clothing nerds using this word
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