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i have 3 pairs od the old selvege gap denim and that is my only complaint-the incredibly low rise. how does the rise on these new ones compare? is the authentic the only pair with a higher rise?
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Thanks again all for the helpful info, will post personal thoughts when I receive my jeans (28, sorry man!) you are a 28..did you buy true to size? just curious
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Cools thanks. My previous experiences with non-denim pants being described as "slim" came to a nice cut, but still pretty loose compared to what other pants would be considered "slim". oh no these are definetly slim, btw what size are you considering, putting my 30's up for sale at flash price
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Anyone wanna' help me out? What are we talking in terms of fit for the RB23 cut? Found it on Farinelli's but they didn't have measurements. It says "slim and tapered" but that could mean anything, honestly. Anyone got personal experiences with this or knows a site with measurements (thigh and knee)? im not that good as descriptions but they are a very slim cut, comparable to a new cure or kmw rocker. ...
not any help here but you would pay 100 bucks for those?? they are 5 seconds away from dad jeans in that pic
fuck Florida
target has slim v/ crew necks in a bunch of different colors, with some heathered ones also, for 8 bucks a shirt. they hold the shape really well
appears slim fit
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian A friend informs me that the secrets to his incredible tally of sexual conquests are, in no particular order: desert boots VW camper van, decorated tastefully with curtains and plastic sheeting a selection of silk scarves Bachelor's degree in chemistry and a job in the pharmaceuticals industry large construction shovel and a bag of calcium oxide
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