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anyone have the broken in slim t? if so, would a small or xsmall be in order if i am usually a small in other brands?
they look hand crafted by a short Incan woman
Quote: Originally Posted by brohymn
same deal here..couldnt button up my 30's
hey just i just took a shit 15 mins ago, i wiped with moist flushable towels and took a shower after. i will probably have a small snack before brushing my teeth
dont forget the hydro coke and guns
i actually dont mind the distressed jeans, they are less destroyed than the ones on the web and are a nice break from the dark stiff look
yeah fuck this threak
A.A. always seems good in theory, but fails in real life. the sleeves on every shirt i have are triangular as fuck, odd sizing,no quality control. i did get a good button down from there, nice and slim, probably not worth full retail but whatever
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