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Quote: Originally Posted by Vernon-Dozier they look burned
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector HOLY FUKXORING SHITE! That is awesome! Where can I buy this? My co-workers and I all bought the 3W1M shirt and wear it on Wolf Wednesday, no joke. threadless has em
Never worn, tags still on. I tried these on for literally 20 seconds standing still.....there was no point beyond that, because i knew right away they were too tight for me. These are an awesome lightweight denim, with deep dressy indigo and a slim tapered cut. I wish I could keep these because I really like the feel of the fabric (its amazingly soft) . If you wear a 29 or 28 these will fit you well, possibly a 30 but I recommend sizing up. these retail for...
im partial to the three keyboard cat tshirt
Quote: Originally Posted by Doin' Fine. Fresh. Part of the Skate Line? yeah they are
Quote: Originally Posted by eddy98 Yes. Who makes these? converse i also like the perf purcells in patent white
i feel like i am in the twilight zone
smurf have you gotten any of my PM's?
Quote: Originally Posted by shadrach yeah i didn't see free shipping too, i guess i meant 60. where does it say free shipping?
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