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Quote: Originally Posted by bunburying I take my Adderall anally for better absorption! But i skipped today!! i see...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol They have acne. fuck i was gonna post that
sperrys..60 bucks..not sure if there is a better alternative around the same price
measured 30' across the waist parallel. the color is a bit deeper than the pics show.
put some damn shoes on, no one wants to see that shit
lowered to 120 shipped
http://www.express.com/catalog/thumb...ex=0&viewall=1 they dont look half bad for the price, and considering they go on sale alot, do you think these are an OK bet? i am particularly interested in the cotton stretch millitary shirt http://www.express.com/catalog/produ...CategoryId=324
there is a pair on ebay for 400 dollars in size 9 i believe
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