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Is it acceptable to have stacks on these jeans for dressier wear? i am 5'9 and wear them with a 34' inseam...looks fine casually but im not sure if mad stacks would look out of place in a dressier outfit. What do you think....get them hemmed to 32' for versitility, or keep them? Would the jeans themselves even work dressier?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Man, seriously? I just looked at the Nike Free and those things are hideous. At least the Pumas are shaped like a shoe. Free's are elf shoe or sausage shaped. There is no shoe there because there is no structure. I just can't get past wearing bananas on my feet. there are several versions of the free, those are ugly as hell
kind remind me of the nike free but i like the free better
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Sorry man was just trying to give some advice from what I gathered in what you were asking, but you're right, no more replies from me. Good call. yeah well i could do without your lame attempts at humor/sarcasm but whatever
^ you try too hard
LOL, shouldn't have expected anything less...nobody would answer a question like this in one of the stickied threads. I just wanted a few references as to what models roughly compare to others as they are cut, not factoring in sizing down or anything. I mean I agree its subjective what baggy, slim, ect are but what I was going for was just based off of the cuts as the measurements aren't subjective (well assuming quality control is ok). If nobody wants to contribute let...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet They look like shoes I'd buy from buster brown for my kid paired with his osh kosh b'gosh overalls. I have some grown up looking desert boots so no clarks for me in this lifetime. what is a better alternative?
keeping track of different jean cuts from different companies can be really confusing, so it would be helpful to establish what-compares-to-what for different fits. I'll start with an example from a few categories, add some different models from other companies slim straight - APC new standard, nudie slim jim straight - levis 501, nudie average joe bootcut - nudie bootcut barry skinny - levis 511 baggy - ?
must have been some brutal knee bags when you stood up^
i started getting into clothes after coming to SF for new jeans as all the other noobs do, but then got interested in clothes in general. now i am left wanting a ton of shit but am unable to purchase it b/c i am peasant status. so i get inspiration from what i like and try to find a cheap alternative
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