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is there any reason not to wash raw white jeans? from what i understand the only point in not washing them is to get contrast fades, so it seems there would be no advantage. i have heard there is however and i am confused
rhodesian ridgeback is your breed
does this transaction involve a Nigerien prince in any capacity?
i just got my Rag & Bone RB23 Jays in the mail from the 75% off sale at Farinellis. i usually wear a 30 waist, so i got a 30 in these but they are skin tight throughout the ass and thighs. It took a good 30 seconds to button the first two buttons also. Now i am inclined to think that these are just to small for me, but i always hear that you should account for stretching. Does anyone know what i should expect from these jeans in terms of stretching?
cargos are great, i usually match them up with all black new balance sneakers and a Karl Kani top...oversized of course for a nice slouchy look
pretty nasty for whoever gets those returned boat shoes..who wants to wear the same shoes someone else slid their greasy sweaty mits in?
Quote: Originally Posted by sartre864 God, you gave things to the lamest posters possible. effortless steez
found these on not know if want..look like straight up leather for 350 or so
im wondering now if my order went through...i never got a confirmation email or anything nor did i see a real order confirmed screen after i pressed the order button..was i supposed to have gotten these things?
those have to be womens
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