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size down 3 and do a hot faeces soak for an hour
rag and bone rb23 are extremely light weight...have a pair in 30 BNWT if interested
should i size down one on the urban slim fit chinos?
went to gap yesterday, no new denim and the markdowns on the old jeans werent that great. white jeans were 44 in big sizes, same with the raw(?) ones and the distressed ones. i picked up the distressed pair for 19 bucks...not bad for a selvage japaneese denim pair of beater jeans
gg allin was the most vile human being to ever live
levis 501 white or jcrew
i am dangerously close on buying that boston terrier painting...will possibly buy tomorrow
first time i venture out of streetwear and denim the hell did i miss an mma thread
does anyone know what the stretching is like on RB23 jays? strongly considering selling them because i can barely button the top two up and they are skintight, but is there anyone here who has experience with them stretching a good amount? these patent hi chucks
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