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Quote: Originally Posted by Hunter22 i actually really like this, but i wonder about the quality
try some somets, high rise so you dont appear shorter and tapered
lol i spoke too soon guys....i assumed i would be able to stack discounts ( first time 30 and the cuurent discount) but they emailed me back and would only honor one 30% discount so they came out to 98
Just bought some gray weird guy selvege for around 65 bucks at revolve, i hope they come by tomorow. I also ordered nudie grim tims in dry organic, but am contemplating a return on those for the weird guys in deep indigo selvege from mauros. Anyone have experience with both the Tims and the Weird guys? The deep indigo is heavier, darker and selvege but im not sure if the fit will work as good as the tims.
$100 dollars shipped
thats off the new Fuel Star F/W 09 collection i believe...
price drop - 105 shipped, great deal on a brand new pair of jeans
was right about to buy some beeswax and taupe desert boots, hesitated and exited the website, then i tried again and the shoes are gone wtf?
having both an iphone 3gs and a droid, i say neither...wait untill the HTC passion comes out. if i had to pick i'd say droid although the iphone is slick as hell once jailbroken as well
do GT's really work with slim jeans? I always thought they were a chunkier boot that required a bigger hem, or is that just other Red Wing boots?
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