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im actually starting up a new denim line with my boy called Crisp denim, its got hand dipped, indigo raw japanese selvege...70's inspired shit cop or wait for selvege?
Quote: Originally Posted by starcrash Ew. Come on, dude. It's one thing to not wash your jeans for several months, but to not wash someone else's second-hand butt and junk funk? That's not good. Used jeans should be washed. They will still fade. they were never worn though...they smelled like nasty swedish gay sex
i bought a pair of nudies off of b&s that smell like a mixture of human feces and cigarettes, literally, i barely wear them because they stink like shit and i cant wash them before wearing (fadez>hygiene)
i had to laugh at the mexican version of turtle on this show they tried SO HARD to be hip
i wear the new haven lace lux with grim tims and it looks good, so probably yes..depends how wide they are alot nicer in person
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Can't speak about urban lumberjack, but '30's sailor thug makes all the women think I'm gay. LOL perfect description
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS I guess this would be a good thread to pose this question: What fragrance would you recommend for me? Deciding factors: -Nothing sweet -Must be subtle -I don't know if this ticks any boxes, but I don't like the 'factory smell'. -So, natural smells would be nice -It's said that people should know you're there, not that you're coming. I'd like to not have them notice unless up close. Smells I like, irl,...
mossimo athletic fit v's from target are good
Quote: Originally Posted by FrankReynolds shit, now i'm torn between the grey distressed leather and these new "oakwoods". i like the color, but fear they would look like "ghetto timbs" with jeans
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