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PMed you regarding the pair of khakis.
how much for the blazer shipped to australia? it looks fucking gorgeous for the price
interested in a shirt or two, how much shipped to melbourne australia?
sent you a PM about the pair of J. Crew shorts
I'm interested in 17)Bepsoke Thom Browne-ish Seersucker Blazer. Can I get the measurements for its sleeve length, shoulder width and the length of the blazer itself?
PM sent, interested in H&M and APC jackets.
sent you a PM
Quote: Originally Posted by CarbonatedTsoda Banana Republic Wool Sweater sz S: Light blue warm sweater. Asking for $10. $15 shipped to Singapore?
The two H&M V-necks shipped to 97220 for 14 bucks? PM me your paypal address if interested.
$18 for the Ben Davis shirt shipped to 97220?
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