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Tyreke Evans is killing it!
Poncho Sanchez has a new CD this year. They cover an Art Blakey tune Crisis and Herbie's Watermelon Man.
Yes they are way way too long and too thick cuffed, which looks like I'm trying too hard. Any suggestions on a taylor? Thanks...
Where do you get your APC's hemmed in Los Angeles? Can anyone suggest a taylor in Long Beach?
Can anyone suggest a taylor to hem my NS in Long Beach or Los Angeles?
You get tickets if you get caught driving and texting in California. Or anything to do with a cell phone while driving, even checking it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara This is the type of thing that changes weekly. +1
Jump rope.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No, but ... this is an easy problem to solve. Just get a blazer you like, and that fits you, and change the buttons. Much easier than hunting for the perfect blazer with the "right" buttons, or altering one that doesn't fit well just because you like the buttons. +1
More Aldens and sunglasses.
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