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Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM That sucks. My wife got me a Aero Cafe Racer for X-mas and it just came a few days ago. I love the fit, though the collar feels a bit constricting. It is actually exactly the right size (I measured the neck) but I feel the stiffness of the leather on my adams apple. I assume it will get better as it breaks in, and I rarely wear the neck of my leather jackets closed anyway, but I'd be pretty bummed if I had to get back...
Small performance bonus, small profit-sharing and small raise. Honestly, my company is massively profitable because it's a gummint contractor, but they're mindful of the fact that the labor market is soft and are accordingly cutting back on salaries and benefits.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy princemarko has been deep-sixed. Remember, advocating violent action will get you gone. Fok. Thanks. That guy was getting kind of creepy, and no matter how many times people claimed they were just jokes, they scanned more like fantasies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jack2000 When you say acetone do you mean nail polish remover or are you getting industrial acetone from somewhere? Nail polish remover. Still fucked my fingertips right up.
Just got the Lost Worlds Bedford coat in horsehide in from UPS. It is both incredibly heavy and stiff. It seems to fit me well, though it's hard to say because seriously it is like wearing a saddle. The color is darker than it looks on the website, which is fine with me. It's more like this: The coat is a little shorter than I expected it to be - the length is more like a blazer than what I'd think of as a car coat. I requested 2" longer sleeves to fit my...
#1 Also, when your friend Ferris ditches school and tries to take your dad's sports car out for a spin, I recommend you stop him.
Seems to me that SoCal has got to be the worst place to try and sell dressy shoes of the AE stripe.
Quote: Originally Posted by oneade the shoe must not have fit the original owner very well. look at the bulging on the sides. or is it just the photo? That bulging looks strange nwo that you point it out. I think that they look like shell, but I'd be hesitant to buy them regardless because of the odd misshapenness.
I ripped the plasticky finish off a pair of Bostonians with acetone and built it back up with shoe cream, polish and conditioner. They are now decent looking (but not great). Make sure you're wearing gloves when you're using the acetone. I did not and my fingertips on my right hand are still numb a month later. I'm kind of afraid I'd given myself permanent nerve damage.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmptx So for those of you who really thinned out the herd, how thin were you able to get it? I'm thinking about thinning my wardrobe down to a handful of quality pieces. Any recommendations? If you're interested in this, you should look at what Phat Guido has done with his wardrobe. The guy is like an android or something.
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