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Bruges, the Venice of the North, is in Western Belgium. It will be full of tourists in August, but worth the train ride from Lille. A restaurant (more a bistro) to visit would be: "De Refter".
The following burgs are waiting: 1997 Morey Saint-Denis, 1er cru Les Millandes, Domaine G. Raphet 2005 Volnay, 1er cru les Mitans, Domaine Lafarge Looking forward to them, should be interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Mark, glad to hear the second bottle was good! I have a few of those in the cellar. This is certainly old world. A funky barnyard scent never left it, what I think of as Frenchie Funk (tm). Okay, that aside, great wine. Mainly Grenache, lots of cherry, tar, light tannin, fine acids. Really a great, drinkable wine and a great QPR. Isn't this scent the result of "brett", which is commonly around in...
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Go with smaller producers, I think. I wouldn't spend much money on Bouchard or Jadot at all. Just my opinion. Find a retailer who specializes in Burgundy, and look for Martine, North Berkeley and Kermit Lynch imported wines. The green guide gives you quite a good idea about the overall quality of a producer.,guides-rvf-2010,10408,1109564.asp
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Chablis, in my limited experience, needs a lot more time than C-M or P-M, and Raveneau generally needs much more than other Chablis. I don't like CA chards very much, so I have no idea. Anyway, you are right that there are others, but Raveneau unapologetically makes an old fashioned wine. If it weren't so expensive, I would buy a lot of it. I think you'd like it a lot. I estimate there to be around...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Will post more later but had an amazing dinner last night at the River Cafe in Brooklyn. First course was Fois Gras Two Ways paired with Nicolas Reserve Sauternes. Un-freaking-believable pairing. Had the rack of lamb for dinner. Sommelier was very helpful. We wound up selecting a 2002 Charmes-Chamberlain (Grand Cru) burgundy in honor of Manton. Wow! What a nice wine. More later! Details on the...
What is the color of the last pair of pants? Grey?
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy 2006 Michel Niellon Chassagne Montrachet. Had it at dinner last weekend and so enjoyed it, I nabbed a case. Nice wine, and a very friendly producer! I have had the chance to visit him a few times in Chassagne.
Drinking this right now... I mean it's already finished. Its not at all a bad wine, although I am not familiar with Napa style wines using Bordeaux grapes. Now moving to a Raphet Chambolle Musigny 2002.
Quote: Originally Posted by Concordia Sadly, the bottle of generic Bourgogne blanc I left for the chef was rejected by my wife-- who reached into the fridge and appropriated a Domaine Leflaive Puligny Pucelles for the task. Anyway, it helped make an excellent rabbit, followed by a fine osso bucco the second night, and a little zetz to a NY Times shrimp bisque the third. I hope this is a joke?! What year was it?
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