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The vogue thing to do on the internet is to insist that you see a doctor. Too bad TK doesn't seem to post in here anymore or maybe he could give you a "decent" differential diagnosis. I'm not saying it's actually your thyroid, however the majority of thyroid nodules are benign and while a painful lump on a thyroid sounds bad, but there are benign painful thyroid lumps. You should probably get it looked at.
That mobility horseshit probably works for one out of ten males.
I experienced episodic forearm tendonitis and strange upper back tweaks for the longest time before I finally threw my hands out to the cuffs for squats.
Should not typically stretch out with elastane. This isn't entirely true and women do complain that their elastane denim bags out over time. Guy tend not to wear theirs quite so tight. Lighter denims do not typically fade. A raw, light colored denim may exhibit some fading eventually. There is no significant benefit of a raw, light denim over a light denim.
Now you're just finding insane problems with simple solutions. Do you tend to over complicate? Because none of that shit is necessary/
You're not thinking about the right kinda heaters. 0-20f is no problem. You get an overpowered heater that blows the garage up in 5 minutes.
Horse trailer mats and a propane heater (don't die) will fix any garage.
Why are we not getting new fabrics in the new Slim Guy cut?
Where the fuck are new fabrics in the new Slim Guy cut?
Rib flair is a normal variant, check Google.
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