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I should really know the answer to this by now, but is there any good reason not to wash the starch out of a new pair of jeans?
Now you're just finding insane problems with simple solutions. Do you tend to over complicate? Because none of that shit is necessary/
You're not thinking about the right kinda heaters. 0-20f is no problem. You get an overpowered heater that blows the garage up in 5 minutes.
Horse trailer mats and a propane heater (don't die) will fix any garage.
I appreciate this. I looked at the specs and the SK looks holy-shit skinny compared to an SL, probably too far. Stanton looks right. Thank-you.
I have a pair of 3sixteen SL-100 in sz 31 that are a great fit, but I need something with a smaller leg opening for sneakers. Any suggestions? I have been hoping for a decent selection of the new Slim Guy cut from N&F, but they don't seem to be making any.
I'm looking for a non-N&F cut similar to the new Slim Guy cut, since it seems N&F will never make any of it. Any tips?
Why are we not getting new fabrics in the new Slim Guy cut?
Where the fuck are new fabrics in the new Slim Guy cut?
Rib flair is a normal variant, check Google.
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