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Where the fuck are new fabrics in the new Slim Guy cut?
Rib flair is a normal variant, check Google.
If you got turkey, just throw it away now.
I've had the set as a gift. The turkey is a fucking miserable concoction of cumin, but the rest are ok and very similar. They are soft and all taste moderately of lactic acid.
It does sound like a great question.
I agree, awkward movement. Potentially not a great long term goal.
Myostatin deficiencies.
I know it must be boredom which has brought you here again and I "think" in general you are a sharp guy, but this is only trolling and it is entirely beneath you. You have a hundred pounds on the average guy here. You've been training 5x longer than the average guy here. You've dumped thousands of dollars of illegal drugs into your system. You've gone through a time period where your endogenous test production hit rock bottom and I can only guess your testicles...
It's hard to figure why different people get tweaked over any given minutia of any hobby. I think GN is correct, too, but I didn't know how to state it concisely. I would also suggest most people are destined to look pretty normal no matter what they do, so you might as well participate in a hobby which isn't quite so appearance oriented. Most guys who lift simply do not look like they lift and there is not a lot they can do about it. That's reality.
I'm not going to say that these are great reasons, but here's a few that come to mind.Firstly, the "strength is good" mantra is an easy way to get introduced to the weight room, especially for guys that have not been introduced to weights in high school or college (ie - guys who have never considered themselves athletic). A strength mantra is easier to swallow than "I do this for looks".Followed by... fewer movements than bb, which allow you to obsess over details of the...
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