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Textmaster calls for less discussion.
Don't you find it all goes away after the drugs wear off?What % of kids in college these days do you think pop pills for tests?
option 3Who the fuck mails a grandparent a lat spread?
This is assuming that everyone's imbalances can be rectified, though. Some never go away, some are too difficult for a layperson to manage, some would simply cause you to delay lifting indefinitely.
I think I'll be giving these new N&F to Goodwill soon.
Moving homes is one of the top stressful events one can have in their life.Also, I decondition some from weights beginning my second week off. Plenty of people apparently don't lose ability across a month of not lifting given how often it is posted, but I have never kept my strength well.
I would recommend reddit bodyweight fitness to the bruce lee guy and a balanced diet with more carbs and less sodium to saltbro.
If you want to educate someone on Leangains, give them the websites they need to read. Teach a man to fish and all that bullshit.
It's a common topic on Reddit. There are only jobs for STEM degrees (science, tech, engineering, and math) and science must be a Master's or more and even then it is a nasty risk today. The terrible problem is that kids who began school around 2006 had a wide open world in which they could graduate with anything and get a job they could live on, if not terrifically interesting, however they graduated in an economy without work available for individuals without experience...
New Posts  All Forums: