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you seem to have missed where i said they are perfect now.
-1 from clarks.
3140. such a gigantic step up from the clarks i was wearing before. break-in was a little brutal. they were pretty tight and took quite a while to stretch out, width-wise, but they're perfect now.
yea, mine were a little tight after, like they felt when they were new, but they're about back to normal now.
god no. these are horrible hiking boots. the character of the creasing on my boots is different on left and right as well.
i didn't buy the soles. the shoemaker had them at the shop already and just put them on for $55.
the cobbler i went to was an official shoemaker listed on the vibram website, so he had the sole already.
got mine resoled with the vibram cristy. love it.
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