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Nice. Enjoy them, but be ready for the long breakin period. Mine look like the standard brown oil tan when they have a bit on obenauf's on them, but they're actually the distressed smooth.
Awesome news. I'm not in the market, but I'll spread the word to those who would be interested.Another forum you may be interested in joining is Superfuture. They have a section for denim/workwear and that's where all the boot discussion is but it's in a more broad topic called 'shoes that look better with age'. Lots of people in there that love/own/appreciate White's and other high quality brands of work and casual boots. I already shared your casual boot prototype built...
Thanks for clearing that up. It dawned on me that nobody had asked that yet and I think it should put some people's fears to rest.
Hey sambam. I was wondering if you could shed some light on what has changed since the buyout from ABC mart. I have a pair of Bounty Hunters, from Bakers, I use every day for work and my dad had a pair of Smokejumpers back in the 80s for forestry work. I still remember handling those boots as a kid and thinking about how substantial and high quality they were. I felt like I got the same quality when I received my pair a year ago, but some people on other parts of the...
the laces and eyelets are not going to cause any damage to the leather of the tongue. they make an imprint, but that's about it.
not interested in that stuff. i got the natural midsole so that it would age and change over time.
a soft bristle toothbrush and some saddle soap cleaned up my midsoles nicely.
Strange how people have such different experiences with the leather laces. I've been using one pair for a year. I keep an extra set in my work bag, but I've still not seen signs of needing them. They get a little bit of oil whenever I oil the tongue of the boots and they've stretched a ton over time. I've had to trim them 3-4 times.
found a pic of my boots when new. a lot has changed in a year.
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