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real nice man. only time a block heel looks ok to me is when it's lowered a quarter inch like that. cool leather choice too. i was also tempted to go with nicks at first but that wait time was too much and i needed new work boots. no regrets though. my white's turned out awesome and look and feel great now that they're all broken in.
seems to be just under a month right now, from order to arriving on your doorstep. baker distributes them but they can add/do extra things because they have cobblers of their own. i think they're responsible for making the smoke jumper on a semi dress last and calling it the bounty hunter and they're probably white's number 1 distributor, so they probably have a pretty close relationship. not sure if they have any hand in the construction/finishing of the boots if you...
mine are fully broken in and have been pain free now for a week or two. truly amazing how they feel now but it's crazy that it took a month or so of working in them on my feet 40 hours a week, plus casual use to get to this point. so worth it though. complete support and now that the heel has worn in a bit and the midsole has formed a bit, my walking feels much smoother and easier.
you really don't need a false tongue. the laces and rivets aren't going to damage the tongue, especially in just casual use. they'll leave an imprint but that's just a result of the two molding and forming together. my dad did tree work [climbing, pruning] and had a pair of smoke jumpers 20+ years ago with the vibram 100 and false tongue and having done that kind of work myself, i've always seen false tongues as added padding from impact. useful for loggers that need...
yea, dabbed a little on the chunk that just got taken out of the right boot and it's blended in. the one on the left is a little worse than it looks. there's a bit that's kind of hanging on and might tear off over time but it'll all smooth out in the long run.fit pic in good lighting from a few days ago
taken a couple big hits from stocking carts while at work. i didn't feel anything but my boots sure did.
gait issues aside, a standard height block heel just looks goofy to me. throws everything off. commando sole would probably be your best bet, but i don't think that's a standard option from white's, so you'd have to have baker do it or something. it's low profile enough to not make boots look chunky like the vibram 100.
shame about those oversized white's. when i first became interested in getting some, i went to my local white's/nicks dealer to get fitted and discovered it was run by some asshole old man that was dead set on trying to convince me that white's and nicks make the exact same boots and even insultingly tried to talk me out of getting them. i thought he must have only dealt with firefighters, but i guess there's someone on this forum that has gotten multiple pairs of custom...
getting through that ankle bite period is like a rite of passage. i got really nasty biting on my inside ankle bones, but you can ease the pain by lacing through the hooks differently, like the 2-1-3 method that nick's suggests. at times i used the first hooks then went straight to the top eyelet, when things were getting really painful.
nice to hear that the procedure to redo the garments is cheap and fast. i'm sure you'll love the boots once that's sorted out... after you get through the ankle bite period! kidding. you'll love them before that's over. they say it's an 80 hour breakin period, but i'd say even longer than that, coming from my experience, and i've been working on my feet in them 8 hours a day since i got them. i guess that's because the 'smooth' leathers are some of the toughest.
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