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Good to hear. I'm sure I'll be glad I made the switch, and from photos I've seen, after a while cxl and distressed smooth look pretty similar. Kyle got back to me about sizing and I put in the order, so the wait begins today. Looks like I'm EE width. No wonder the breakin for my D width 3140s was so brutal.
I just put a little bit of dove hand soap on a damp rag and washed it off. Definitely need to get myself some saddle soap.
I will be using them for work and casual. I've gotten a couple surface cuts and nicks in my red wings, but I mainly take bumps and scuffs here and there from carts/pallets. Nothing as extreme as something like construction or wildland firefighting.
I'm not a fan of how roughout looks and I don't need something quite that tough. Think distressed smooth will be perfect for my needs/taste. Thanks for the advice.
during the agonizing wait for baker's to get back to me about sizing, i'm starting to wonder if i should switch my leather choice to distressed smooth. i want leather that shows a lot of character and develops and nice patina, but spending this much on boots, i don't want to have to worry about the durability of the leather, especially when i'll use them for work. with the way cxl shows wear more early, does that in turn mean that it'll wear out more quickly? this is how...
Baker's said that leather like chrome excel comes lined in the vamp already, but if you get liner, they put it in the upper too and they recommend it to prevent premature stretching.
pretty sure lining is not charged if you get cxl. when doing my build with natural cxl, lining wasn't an extra charge.
nice boots. sounds like we have similar work conditions. was thinking of getting distressed smooth for the extra toughness, but i think i could get away with cxl.
From what I've been told, the 700 is composite and the 430 is rubber, so the 700 is made from a more durable material. That's why i'm going with it and I didn't think I'd like the sensation of my foot rocking on those lugs in the middle.
pretty much decided on this config after a little reassurance from kyle: will be putting in an order this week or next, once i get the fit sheet all filled out. White's Bounty Hunter Leather 1: Natural Chromexcel Toe Vamp Leather: Natural Chromexcel Toe Cap Leather: None Celastic Toe Box: Single Safety Toe: No Thanks Heel Counter Leather: Natural Chromexcel Height: 6" Upper (Shaft) Leather : Natural Chromexcel Leather Liner: None Sole Trim: Standard Trim Top: Rolled Back...
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