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Strange how people have such different experiences with the leather laces. I've been using one pair for a year. I keep an extra set in my work bag, but I've still not seen signs of needing them. They get a little bit of oil whenever I oil the tongue of the boots and they've stretched a ton over time. I've had to trim them 3-4 times.
found a pic of my boots when new. a lot has changed in a year.
For my work the 700 sole seemed to be the best option. I work on smooth concrete floors all day in a warehouse environment and do a lot of walking throughout the day. I needed something very durable but also with some slip resistance and they've held up well for almost a year.
pretty cool to have someone from white's checking in here, especially if it's a foreman/designer or someone in the factory every day. been using my bounty hunters for work for almost a year now and i love them. my dad had a pair of smoke jumpers for forestry work back in the 80 and 90s, when i was a little kid, but i still remember how awesome they were. still a ways to go before i'll need any re-heel/sole service but was interested in knowing what i should expect to pay...
that is pretty noticeable and i'd definitely have a problem with it. it could even affect the way your walking gate feels. the height of the heel and contrast of the midsole to the upper looks nice though. my bounty hunters from bakers came with slightly differently sanded heels, like they were done at the same time by two different people but the difference wasn't in the heel angle. just the amount of 'shelf'. the left had a bit more but they've evened out from getting...
8 months in with my distressed smooth bounty hunters. natural midsole, antique trim. https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8623/28820492381_647140e404_h.jpg
i'm a ways off from a resole, but as a superfuture regular i've known about brian for a while, as he has his own thread there in the denim section, and i've definitely considered using him for resoles of other boots. there's no doubt he's passionate about his work, but i get doubts because it seems like not only the welt is different, but also the height of the heel seems more pronounced, and from photos i've seen, the leather stacking and forming of the heel seems a...
they look nice. man i remember when my natural midsole looked so light and new like that. wear them hard.
it'll be fine...
oh i see. looks very much like double mid sole. i like your boot makeup a lot. mine is very similar, but i have distressed smooth leather [which ends up looking about the same as brown smooth once treated with obenauf's] and the vibram 700 sole, which splits the heel. i like how yours don't do that.
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