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washed again
Heh. Cool. Thanks for the advice. Think I will do that.
It's aesthetic preference but I'm not really understanding the concerns with toe collapse and boot price correlation. They're boots not dress shoes. I've seen plenty of great examples with and without celastic and it's not something that's always needed even in a work environment. To me it makes a boot look nicely broken in and super comfortable.
Isn't the only difference between a Robert and Ranger the toe stitching and/or toe shape? I don't really care for the White's and Nicks naming schemes. When I order I'm just going to tell them the configuration I want and couldn't care less what name it falls under. It's looking like: Natural CXL Toe #3 trying to decided on celastic or not double stitching 6" rolled top single midsole, natural finish 2021 sole, sand color
Haha, yea. You actually deal with that guy? All he had was a Hot Shot and Smoke Jumper in the same configuration on display so he could drive home his point and he refused to even size me when I asked for it, which is all I really wanted to do when going there. I think he just thought I was a poser at first, but by the time I had proven to him I knew what I was talking about it was too late. Didn't want to deal with him anymore. I'll get someone else to trace my...
It's all about what you want your personal style to be. I definitely don't think there's any need to 'graduate' from denim as some sort of right of passage in life or something, but if you want to start to get into some high end fashion go for it. If you have a good job in the Silicon Valley, where I am, you can wear whatever you want to work so there's tons of room to express your personal style. Work shirts, denim and boots are pretty much what I have always gravitated...
^That looks like some proper logging leather. For a while I've been using some Red Wing 3140 as my do everything work and casual boot, but I'm looking to take a step [or 2 or 3] up and get some custom fitted White's or Nicks. Probably Nicks tbh because their stitching seems more consistent and I like the way the heel counter overlaps with the upper more. That's practically the only difference between the two boots and the grumpy old man at my local distributor of White's...
No. There are no pictures of worn in Nicks on the internet.
Let this thread rise again. Ande Whall is pretty much all I've been wearing since 2009. work in progress pic of my caribous
Thanks. They've been great and I'm on my feet 8 hours a day in them working and my feet never ache when I get home and take them off. My left foot is slightly wider than my right so I occasionally get hot spots on the left little toe and the edge of my foot just below when my feet expand a bit, which is why I'll be looking to get a custom fit boot next.
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