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better pics of my bounty hunters.
This is getting weird and a bit creepy.
Bounty hunters in distressed smooth after 6 months. Worn hard for work but I wipe them down with a damp rag every night and give them obenaufs when needed.
You want a thumb width between your longest toe and the tip of the boot. So everything above your thumb there is excess space.
seems like the better solution would just be to get jeans that don't have such a huge leg opening.
that midsole and heel look a bit sloppy to be honest. i'd be a bit pissed with that, if those were my boots, after all that wait.
good to hear it goes away. when i first put my boots on in the morning, it's pretty loud, but kind of warms up and goes away during the day, with only sporadic squeaks.
i seem to have developed a squeak in my right boot :S
I wear thicker smart wool socks but put on some super thin ones and got a little of that roll of pennies feeling.
standard last is more round and roomy than the semidress. maybe you need swing last.
New Posts  All Forums: