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cool! there are better ways to throw away money, but there are few better ways to show the world you are a fashion victim than wearing this shirt!
pretty sure nicks will be the next brand of boot i purchase after the sole on my red wings starts to get too slick. there's an authorized dealer close by so i can be custom fitted and check out the boots in person beforehand. my red wings have been nice but the added support and custom fit from a nicks boot will make my feet a lot more happy, since i use them for work 8 hours a day. hard to find examples of their boots online with wedge soles, which is what i prefer. i'm...
that shirt looks terrible.
yea, i hadn't heard of them until recently but they make a damn fine boot, comparable if not better than whites.check out this little video series on their boot making processnot going to give sizing advice because i don't want to be responsible if i give bad advice but, my boots were a little tight on the bridge and definitely tight in the width for a while until they really stretched out and they take a while to stretch out because the leather is pretty stiff. for a...
Choosing not to condition the leather is just plain stupid... Haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet. I've thought about getting them resoled with a Vibram 2021 but I'm unsure how durable it is. The Red Wing sole on the 3140s has a layer of really durable rubber which has made them last a pretty long time considering the amount of foot miles I put into them at work. Also thinking of getting some Nicks boots made and keeping the Red Wings as a backup.
current pic of my 3 year old 3140s
you seem to have missed where i said they are perfect now.
-1 from clarks.
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