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seems like the better solution would just be to get jeans that don't have such a huge leg opening.
that midsole and heel look a bit sloppy to be honest. i'd be a bit pissed with that, if those were my boots, after all that wait.
good to hear it goes away. when i first put my boots on in the morning, it's pretty loud, but kind of warms up and goes away during the day, with only sporadic squeaks.
i seem to have developed a squeak in my right boot :S
I wear thicker smart wool socks but put on some super thin ones and got a little of that roll of pennies feeling.
standard last is more round and roomy than the semidress. maybe you need swing last.
2 months of heavy use with my bounty hunters. they're darker than jakevoodoo's because they were initially treated with a light coat of obenauf's as they get wet and dirty from work a bit.
real nice man. only time a block heel looks ok to me is when it's lowered a quarter inch like that. cool leather choice too. i was also tempted to go with nicks at first but that wait time was too much and i needed new work boots. no regrets though. my white's turned out awesome and look and feel great now that they're all broken in.
seems to be just under a month right now, from order to arriving on your doorstep. baker distributes them but they can add/do extra things because they have cobblers of their own. i think they're responsible for making the smoke jumper on a semi dress last and calling it the bounty hunter and they're probably white's number 1 distributor, so they probably have a pretty close relationship. not sure if they have any hand in the construction/finishing of the boots if you...
mine are fully broken in and have been pain free now for a week or two. truly amazing how they feel now but it's crazy that it took a month or so of working in them on my feet 40 hours a week, plus casual use to get to this point. so worth it though. complete support and now that the heel has worn in a bit and the midsole has formed a bit, my walking feels much smoother and easier.
New Posts  All Forums: