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Here's my current collection
Hi, please PM me the price for a blue 7D Neumok
Ouch. Looks like I would have to take it back to Nordstrom. I got it for $219.90 during the sales. So I wonder if they would charge me full price for an exchange and refund me $219.90 for this pair or not.Woops, I didn't know that. It would be great if a mod could merge this thread to the existing thread.Thanks all.
Thanks for the reply DressedWell. You are so right. They did not order it from AE. I went to the Nordstrom at Galleria Dallas, and the Nordstrom at Galleria Houston was the one that shipped that to me.
I bought a pair of Allen Edmonds Strand at Nordstrom during their Semi-Annual sale. They had to ship it to me from another store since they don't have my size at the store I was shopping at. I received the shoes today, whilte the left shoe looks as good as it could get, I noticed these creases on the quarter of the right shoes. Is this acceptable for first quality? Or should I try to return it to the store and see if they can find another store that has my 7D size?
Quote: Originally Posted by sergun I'd like to recommend: http://onecedarlane.com/ Great cedar trees at a reasonable price (they are still made in US ) Yes, the shoe trees from this place are from Rochester. I just bought few recently because they have free engraving available for the holiday.
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