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It will always be a relatively exclusive product because of the rarity of the raw material needed and the extra labor and materials needed to make a material ready for shoemaking. Calf and cowhide are so much more available and the leathermaking process so much cheaper and higher in volume than with cordovan. The heaviness of the leather lends itself to certain styles over others, usually more heavily constructed shoes with Goodyear or Norwegian welting and boot styles....
The estate workshop of designer and craftsman George Nakashima in Pennsylvania:
A Dutch company called Basil makes lots of different styles of saddlebags, some in leather. Another maker of both leather and canvas bags is Gilles Berthoud, a French company. If you go over to Bikeforums on their commuting and touring subforums, a quick search will give you other names.
I have a few MBs and while I like the basic black design, they are not particularly great for writing. One of my favorites is a celluloid Platinum that has a lovely quill. I also like Parkers, especially the big retro ones, they have a nice feel for writing, both the fountains and the rollers. I never cared much for Pelikan, but that is only a personal preference. Omas. I don't have one, but their Arco Arte Italiana Milord is a classic--very beautiful.
Do you like warm places? Meeting new people and learning new skills? Do you like travel? Are you enthusiastic about the outdoors? Are you flexible about your headgear, like . . . a Kepi Blanc? Cinq courts ans et bienvenu citoyen.
The Day of the Jackal (the original by Fred Zinnemann) Ronin Dr. Strangelove
Don't get a Moisin Nagant. That rifle does not meet your needs. The ones for sale now are cheap largely because they are in poor condition and shoot an obscure cartridge.I agree with the recommendation of a CZ (Model 455, IIRC) in .22 LR. These are very accurate and well made rifles. If you want to go upscale, then a Cooper is a good choice, Model 57.If you want a rifle that shoots a little longer than .22LR, you might try either a .17 HMR or a .223 or a .204. CZ makes...
If you want a fan that lasts and works, get a Vornado.
I have a full-spec Aeron at the office and a Steelcase Leap at home. Between the two, I prefer the Leap.
Sennheiser HD414s. They have to be at least 33 years old but they are still good.
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