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What is the color?
I know Cole-Haan quality sucks, but what do you think of these as an inexpensive alternative to Common Projects Achilles?
Jacket #1: Looks like it would make a nice navy blazer with some new buttons? Jacket #2: Looks like it could be a 3-roll-2? Nice...
I have a basic charcoal suit and a basic navy suit, and I'm looking to pick up a couple of more "staple" suits. This seems like a good deal, no? Should I snatch it up?
Thoughts on this jacket? Stylish? Versatile? Wearable with jeans, khakis, light gray trousers? Am a novice and thought this sportcoat was pretty nice... Thank you!
Does this look an orphaned suit coat, or a true sport coat?
Is this a good deal? Nice jacket? Should I buy?
Which pair of Ray-Bans looks better on me? Bigger (4105) or smaller (2132)? Thanks.
Do these sneakers look cool? They're Cole Haan, which I know isn't a great brand, but they're cheap and I kinda like 'em. Buy or don't buy? Thanks! Attachment 63434 Attachment 63435 j Attachment 63436
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